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    23 Weird Things Girls Do In Front Of The Mirror But Don't Talk About

    Your Oscars speech is practiced to perfection.

    1. Every girl has done a makeup tutorial for absolutely no one and not filmed it at all.

    if you don't talk to your reflection in the mirror as if you're doing a youtube tutorial are you even doing your makeup??

    2. This usually starts off as a "simple smokey eye" and turns into full on drag queen look with bright lipstick and contour you would never wear outside.


    3. Then you remember you have to go out, or you're called to dinner, and you have to frantically rub it off and answer questions later about why you're so blotchy.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    4. You've pretended to be interviewed about your life life and work, usually hosted by Oprah.

    Me thinking of different ways to answer questions at my imaginary interview with Oprah

    5. And you've obviously pretended to interview your favourite celebs at the Oscars red carpet.


    6. You've also collected your Oscars award for "Best Actress" and practiced your speech, making sure to thank your family and your co-star Ryan Gosling.


    7. You've rapped about your day and what you're going to eat for dinner.


    8. And you've tried your hand at Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You".

    To you, it's pitch perfect. To the neighbours it isn't.

    9. You've tried on "going out outfits" for an event that's never going to happen, but you need to be prepared just in case.


    10. And you've obviously danced around your room in those outfits with a hairbrush and practiced your moves.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    11. You've squeezed your spots then regretted making it worse.


    But it's so satisfying at the time!

    12. And then you've moved on to squeezing your blackheads because those are the trickiest and most rewarding squeezes.

    Paramount Pictures

    13. You've plucked your eyebrows and put them on the mirror as a warning to your brows to stay in line.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    14. You've practiced what you would say if you could go back to that one argument with your friend four years ago.

    When you think of a smarter comeback after a heated debate minutes later

    15. You've also had a huge argument with your future cheating spouse and practiced your poised, but angry, leaving speech.

    Columbia Pictures

    16. You've tried to catch your resting bitch face.


    You can't see what everyone else is seeing, you look fierce.

    17. And obviously tried to see how you'd look with a fringe.

    Comedy Central

    18. You've given cutting your own hair a go, regretted the decision, and ended up at a proper hairdressers.


    The shame!

    19. At the hairdressers you've feigned your natural face. You've done a little weird half smile half "omg this is my natural face" look because your real natural face was just too grim.

    Sarah Pocock / BuzzFeed

    20. You've tried to practice contouring and ended up with what looks like huge sideburns instead of fierce cheekbones.

    Gena-Mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

    21. You've had a hairbrushing nightmare and spent hours trying to get a tangled hairbrush out of your hair. At one point you've even cried because you've convinced yourself you'll have to cut it all off.

    remember when I tried using a round hairbrush to brush my hair yesterday and it got stuck in my hair for 2 hours??…

    22. And of course you've tried to catch your reflection out just in case it's your clone and you're being tricked.


    One day you will catch it.

    23. Mostly though, you just spend most of your time refusing to believe you look like this and accusing your mirror of being a goddamn liar.

    Universal Pictures

    But it obviously can't be true because you're ridiculously hot.

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