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23 Weird Things Girls Do In Front Of The Mirror But Don't Talk About

Your Oscars speech is practiced to perfection.

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1. Every girl has done a makeup tutorial for absolutely no one and not filmed it at all.

if you don't talk to your reflection in the mirror as if you're doing a youtube tutorial are you even doing your makeup??


4. You've pretended to be interviewed about your life life and work, usually hosted by Oprah.

Me thinking of different ways to answer questions at my imaginary interview with Oprah


14. You've practiced what you would say if you could go back to that one argument with your friend four years ago.

When you think of a smarter comeback after a heated debate minutes later


19. At the hairdressers you've feigned your natural face. You've done a little weird half smile half "omg this is my natural face" look because your real natural face was just too grim.

21. You've had a hairbrushing nightmare and spent hours trying to get a tangled hairbrush out of your hair. At one point you've even cried because you've convinced yourself you'll have to cut it all off.

remember when I tried using a round hairbrush to brush my hair yesterday and it got stuck in my hair for 2 hours??…

23. Mostly though, you just spend most of your time refusing to believe you look like this and accusing your mirror of being a goddamn liar.