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    23 Times Rory And Paris Were The One True "Gilmore Girls" Couple

    The greatest romance of the 21st century.

    1. When Paris was mad that Tristin liked Rory.

    2. When Paris was always playing hard to get.

    3. When Paris tried to psych Rory out with this aptly chosen Shakespearian sonnet.

    4. When Rory and Paris let each other know that they care.

    5. And when they finally admitted that they were friends.

    6. When Paris didn't get into Harvard and had a breakdown at the debate.

    7. So Rory held her and let her know everything was going to be OK.

    8. When Rory took Paris to a Bangles concert and it was essentially their first date.

    9. And Paris actually emoted and told Rory how happy she was.

    10. When Paris noticed Rory's fresh faced beauty.

    11. When Paris had a date and Rory was the only one she could rely on for help.

    12. When Paris looked at Rory like this.

    13. And Rory looked at Paris like this.

    14. Also when they both basically made sweet love with their eyes.

    15. When they lived together and had cute arguments about who reads faster.

    16. When they both substituted the word "love" with "hated".

    17. When Rory lowkey hated Jamie for showing up and trying to win Paris' heart.

    18. And when Paris was very honest about her hatred for Logan.

    19. She really was VERY protective over Rory.

    20. When they found enlightenment and basically agreed they loved each other.

    21. When they kissed!!

    22. And later held hands on the beach and promised to never try be party girls again.

    23. And when they basically vowed to be together forever.