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    23 Things All British Kids Did In The Playground

    Someone would always end up getting their Clarks shoes stuck on the roof.

    1. You played tig pretty much every lunchtime.

    2. And arguments would always start over who was going to be the first person to be it.

    3. You got married to your crush.

    4. And then start some drama over who you chose to be your bridesmaids and priest.

    5. You'd all see how high in the air you could kick your shoes.

    6. And they'd inevitably get stuck on the school roof.

    7. Then you'd have to ask a caretaker to take them down and writing a letter of apology.

    8. You played kiss chase, mainly in the hope that you could chased your crush or they would chase you.

    9. You and your friends would all scheme and pretend someone had fell over.

    10. Then run over to the dinner lady and convince her your pal was hurt. Then you'd all shout "not realllyyyy!" when she wanted to take you to the medical room.

    11. You played football with your school jumpers as goalposts.

    12. And always managed to kick the ball on the roof or over the fence so had to trek through this jungle to get it.

    13. You'd play mums and dads.

    14. Then argue over who was going to play the big sister and the dog.

    15. You'd graze your knees at least once a day and if you were lucky you'd get a fresh scab to pick the next day.

    16. You'd play British bulldog until the dinner ladies banned it.

    17. You'd jump on Frube packets so that they exploded.

    18. You made up inappropriate dance routines to songs like "My Humps" and Liberty X's "Sexy".

    19. Then performed them to your friends to make sure it was ready for the school disco/ talent show.

    20. You'd fall out over who sat next to who at lunch.

    21. Someone would always get hurt and have to go to the medical room and you'd all worry that they were gonna die.

    22. And tales would fly around about the incident and then you as a key witness would eat up all the fame.

    23. And, of course, you all lost your shit when a cat came into the playground.