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22 Seriously Satisfying Slime GIFs

Warning: They're borderline erotic.

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1. Feast your eyes on this stretchy fantasy.

l_syy_slime / Via

2. This starry slime is everything.

msweetdeco / Via

3. This one will solve all your problems.

satisfyasmr / Via

4. Look how sexy this stretchy slime is.

metricdeco / Via

5. Dammmnnn.

slimelight / Via

6. Work it, baby!

slimequeens / Via

7. Adding beads to slime doubles the fun.

slimekidz / Via

8. See?!

glitterslimes / Via

9. This squeezing GIF will take you places.

slimequeens / Via

10. And so will this one.

tumb1rdan_paylasimlar / Via

11. Who knew slicing slime could be so therapeutic?

12. This purple swirl is honestly mesmerising.

Slime Factory / Via

13. Just let the slime swirl enchant you.

stim / Via

14. Just look at this candy floss dream.

satisfyvideoo / Via

15. Glitter slime is an experience you'll never forget.

slimy / Via

16. This honeycomb delight is too pure for this world.

slime_love1233 / Via

17. And so is this beauty.

radslime / Via

18. Take a look at this folding fantasy.

radslime / Via

19. And this futuristic fold.

slimepages_ / Via

20. This is borderline erotic.

slime_of_rainbow / Via

21. Oh, baby.

slimeee_hk / Via

22. *Drools*