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    22 Moments From "Broad City" That Will Never Not Be Funny

    Four and three and two and one.

    1. When Ilana admitted to chewing on a dog bone.

    2. When Abbi had to pretend to be Ilana the only way she knew how.

    3. When Trey just caught on to air quotes.

    4. And when Ilana overused them too.

    5. When Ilana was heavily invested in Abbi's sex life.

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    6. When Ilana just walked out on this heartwarming story.

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    7. When Lincoln was just too stressed.

    8. When Ilana and her mum were basically the same person.

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    9. And when they were obsessed with the illuminati.

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    10. When Ilana was a still life model for Abbi.

    11. When Ilana had a NSFW email account.

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    12. When they were done with sexist bullshit.

    13. When Ilana decided it was up to her to mould the next generation.

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    14. When Ilana wore a power suit and called it completely the wrong thing.

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    15. When Lincoln was just adorable with some dogs.

    16. When Ilana met her doppelgänger and was forever fulfilled.

    17. And when she campaigned for Hillary Clinton.

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    18. When Lincoln made this very valid point.

    19. When Jaimé confessed to this atrocity.

    20. When they were actual geniuses.

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    21. When Ilana's philosophy kind of made sense.

    22. And of course when Ilana was committed to eating shellfish, even though she's allergic to it.