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    22 Christine Sydelko Tweets That We Honestly Don't Deserve

    "I want my tombstone to say cha cha real smooth."

    1. This incredible flashback.

    4 years ago today I was interviewed for the news about Pope Francis but the graphic made it look like I was the new…

    2. This hilarious last request.

    I want my tombstone to say cha cha real smooth

    3. This confession.

    I'm a slut for the industrial revolution

    4. This realisation.

    every time I sleep with my hair in a bun I wake up looking like Marie Antoinette

    5. These vital follows.

    sorry guys I just followed carmen and junie from spy kids

    6. This dedication to Crocs.

    7. This love story.

    most people are excited to see their friends/family after traveling but I really just want to get home to my hulk hands and razor scooter

    8. This identity fraud.

    why is Austin Mahone coming for my brand

    9. This supernatural encounter.

    One time I burped and it sounded like "babadook" and I couldn't sleep for 3 days because I was convinced he was coming to get me

    10. This Lego love.

    bouncer: ma'am this area of the club is VIP only me: it's ok I'm a member

    11. This uncanny resemblance.

    I got new glasses and now I look like a dewey decimal

    12. This relatable content.

    13. This disappointing turn of events.

    one time in college I took US History 1800-1900 to learn about my favorite president Teddy Roosevelt but he didn't take office until 1901

    14. This wild night in.

    I could be at Halsey's halloween party right now but sitting on the floor watching human centipede in my Michael Ph…

    15. This empowered speech.

    I don't need this bullshit I have a lunchable at home

    16. This sick burn.

    I wish I could get as many second chances in life as Roxxxy Andrews did on All Stars 2

    17. This viral gold.

    18. This embarrassing moment.

    in 7th grade I went to my friends bar mitzvah and ate too many mini kosher corndogs and threw up in the corner during the chair dance

    19. This truth.

    20. This betrayal.

    When you find out he's been gleep glorping other bitches

    21. This drunken mistake.

    The lowest point in my life was when I drunkenly tried swiping my drivers license at the ATM to withdraw $100 for a mini trampoline

    22. And finally, this actually iconic tweet: