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    22 Celebrities Who Have Drastically Improved Their Eyebrow Game

    The '00s did no one any favours.

    1. Paris Hilton: 1999 vs. 2017.

    Paris, like many of us, was a victim of over-plucking. But thankfully she has come out the other side and now has thick, full brows.

    2. Eva Longoria: 2001 vs. 2016.

    Eva swapped the sparse brows for some strong brows.

    3. Nicki Minaj: 2010 vs. 2016.

    Nicki's look has changed a lot in six years and her brows really added to the evolution.

    4. Anne Hathaway: 2001 vs. 2016.

    Anne Hathaway's brows have taken her from sweet to fierce.

    5. Scarlett Johansson: 2001 vs. 2016.

    These barely-there brows have really upped their game.

    6. Lady Gaga: 2009 vs. 2016.

    Gaga has really embraced the full brow.

    7. Adele: 2008 vs. 2017.

    Adele's arched to angular transformation is honestly inspiring.

    8. Dascha Polanco: 2013 vs. 2016.

    Dascha really hung on to that '00s thin brow but has recently been serving fuller, thicker brows.

    9. Khloe Kardashian: 2008 vs. 2016.

    In 2008 you may not have even realised Khloe had any brows but in 2016 she is beyond happy to put them on a pedestal.

    10. Kim Kardashian: 2006 vs. 2016.

    Kim's sparse brows have really come into their own.

    11. Hilary Duff: 2002 vs. 2016.

    Hilary no longer frames her face with a cute side fringe but with a pair of string brows instead.

    12. Jennifer Lopez: 1997 vs. 2016

    Like every other aspect of J-Lo, her brows just get better with age.

    13. Demi Lovato: 2008 vs. 2017.

    Demi's brows took her from "girl next door" to "spy who would look incredible while taking down villains".

    14. Zendaya: 2010 vs. 2016.

    Zendaya's brows are truly worthy of worship.

    15. The Olsen twins: 2002 vs. 2011.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley really learned the importance of brow maintenance.

    16. Jessica Chastain: 2006 vs. 2017.

    In the 10 years since the first photo was taken Jessica Chastain thankfully managed to locate her eyebrows.

    17. Christina Aguilera: 2000 vs. 2016.

    The 00's was cruel to everyone, but especially Christina Aguilera's brows.

    18. Beyoncé: 2001 vs. 2017.

    Beyoncé is the queen of everything, including eyebrows.

    19. Margot Robbie: 2009 vs. 2017.

    Margot Robbie has really benefitted from a bold brow.

    20. Natalie Portman: 2001 vs. 2016.

    Natalie has always had the length but has really built up the width to make a power brow.

    21. Drew Barrymore: 1999 vs. 2016.

    The years have been kind to Drew and her brows.

    22. Jessica Alba: 2000 vs. 2017.

    In 2000 you may have believed that Jessica Alba couldn't be more beautiful, but you would be wrong. The thick brows did this.