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    21 Times Emily Gilmore Was Actually Savage AF

    She really took Lorelai down.

    1. When she delivered this classic overbearing mother line.

    2. When she became the queen of the hidden burn.

    3. When she was particularly savage.

    4. When she just couldn't get on board with a conversation about anvils.

    5. When she couldn't help but dig at Lorelai, even when she wasn't there.

    6. She had absolutely no shame with this one.

    7. When she came up with this ultimate Emily Gilmore insult.

    8. When she had a great quip about Lorelai's coffee obsession.

    9. When she absolutely went off on Shira Huntzberger.

    10. Seriously, she got very personal.

    11. When she wasn't afraid to tell Lorelai she was bad at her job.

    12. When she let Richard have it.

    13. When she delivered this savagery over the phone.

    14. When she exposed the DAR.

    15. When she actually ripped apart this nurse.

    16. When she had no filter.

    17. When she was basically all of us.

    18. She's not even afraid to bring down Rory.

    19. When she excluded Lorelai from her squad.

    20. When she simultaneously insulted Lorelai and Sex and the City.

    21. When she gave us this classic.