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    21 Photos That Will Make You Ashamed To Be A Human

    Ugh, the human race is just the worst.

    1. This genius soap dispenser:

    2. This very unnecessary world record:

    3. This alienating advert:

    4. This shrine that should definitely be burnt down:

    5. This monstrosity:

    6. This dangerous plight:

    7. This R-rated confession:

    8. This freak of nature:

    9. This not-so-innocent balloon:

    10. This engraving disaster:

    11. This beauty hack gone too far:

    12. This pizza fail:

    13. This super scientific question:

    14. This environmental fail:

    15. This completely ridiculous headline:

    16. This dog who just had to ruin an innocent family photo:

    17. This super tough quiz:

    18. This absolute fail:

    19. This misleading selfie:

    20. This careful planning:

    21. And this absolute scandal:

    H/T r/facepalm.