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    21 Memes You Should Send To Your Dog

    If only they could enjoy these stellar memes.

    1. Your pup would just love getting this one.

    2. And would fully relate to this.

    3. You two would remember such good times if you sent them this meme.

    4. Hahaha this is so your dog.

    5. And this is both of you in the morning.

    6. Your pup would feel so loved if you sent it this.

    7. This is just like the banter you and your doggo have.

    8. If only you could send them this rebel pup.

    9. Or this hilarious meme.

    10. You would both so lol over this cat hate.

    11. And over this embarrassing moment.

    12. Your pup would find this hilarious.

    13. This would be the perfect passive aggressive meme to send.

    14. Imagine if you could debate over this age-old meme.

    15. Or this one.

    16. If your pup had a computer you could tease each other with this meme.

    17. You could both laugh over the struggles of online dating.

    18. Your dog would send you this with the message "this better not be you".

    19. And you'd send this back saying "OMG this is so you".

    20. You would send this meme to your doggo immediately.

    21. If only your pup had a computer, then you could remind him he's a good boy and should never settle for anything less, through the art form of memes.

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