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    19 Things You Know If You Are Always Losing Things

    You've heard "you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on" so many times that it hurts.

    1. You are way too familiar with getting home and realising that the thing you thought was in your bag is not in your bag.

    2. And you can't count the amount of times you've been at the till and realised you haven't actually got your purse on you.

    3. Growing up you heard "Oh you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on" so many times you wanted to rip your eyeballs out.

    4. And at school you lost your P.E kit almost every day.

    5. You have heard "have you tried looking where you last saw it" so many times that you kind of lose it when someone says that to you now.

    6. And you wish you could reply "Yes Karen, I have checked there but it obviously isn't there because otherwise it wouldn't be bloody lost, would it?!". But most of the time you just ignore it.

    7. You're basically always checking for your keys and phone every minute of the day, because you know what you're like and that you'll lose them.

    8. You've used the "I think it was stolen" excuse a few times because you can't face that fact that you've lost something AGAIN.

    9. You've never really got into buying fancy jewellry because you're just scared you'll lose it.

    10. Everyone thinks you're messy and disorganised, even though you aren't.

    11. And no one ever trusts you to look after everything because they think you'll lose it.

    12. But you do have a lot of solidarity with other people who lose things, and always make friends on your quest to find something.

    13. You don't own matching socks, you don't know where they go but they just go.

    14. And hair bobbles last approximately two days before all 100 of them are missing.

    15. You've spent ages trying to find something that was in your hand before.

    16. And because you always lose things you presume as soon as you can't see something that you've lost it, later to find out someone else borrowed it.

    17. As a kid your name was written on absolutely everything you owned because your mum knew you had a habit for misplacing things.

    nothing like finding @smithy0504 top in your room then realising his mum's sewn his name in incase he loses it #cute

    18. You're so aware that you lose stuff that you keep an eye on it all the time.

    19. But, most importantly, because you lose a lot of things you're not very materialistic.