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    19 Things You'll Get If You're Not Bad, But Not Good At Stuff

    You're the perfect inbetween.

    1. You're not really especially good at just one thing.

    2. At school you were never top of the class much to the dismay of your parents.

    3. But you were never bottom either so they really didn't have a leg to stand on when having a go at your grades.

    4. You weren't known for anything in particular so it was easy to hide yourself when there was homework due.

    5. This also comes in handy when there's trouble and no one knows who you are so you can't be blamed.

    6. All of this meant you never really knew what you wanted to do because you were never clearly good at one thing.

    7. On the bright side though you had loads of different options and still like to think you can turn your hand to any career.

    8. You're actually not too bad at doing your makeup, but if anyone asks you to try anything elaborate then you're fucked.

    9. You weren't the most popular person in school and you weren't invited to every single party.

    10. But you were friendly with everyone and didn't really fit in a clique because of it.

    11. You're not good at one particular sport so you're never the first chosen for a team.

    12. But you're quite good at lots of different sports and have a secret competitive side.

    13. You're not that talented at art which is frustrating because who doesn't want to be a great artist.

    14. But you secretly fancy yourself as a bit of a low key artist who could be great if they really devoted the time to it.

    15. You're neither the mum or the group nor the child of the group, you're a weird inbetween.

    16. On a night out you're not that bad of a dancer and can definitely two step to a standard beat.

    17. But any more than that and you're out of your element.

    18. If you think about it you're the perfect underdog, one day you'll be brilliant at something and everyone will be shook.

    19. Basically, you're just a little bit great at everything, which is a really nice way to be.