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    19 Things You'll Relate To If You're Both Messy And Clean

    Yes you have a floor-drobe, but the floor itself is actually very clean.

    1. All of your friends know you for being the untidy one and presume you're an all-around mess.

    2. Which is actually not a fair accusation, because while you may be messy, you're ALSO actually very clean and try to keep your place nice.

    3. In your defence, tidying up is so much effort.

    > hmmm...I'll come back and tidy this up later Narrator: he didn't.

    4. And as soon as you start doing it, sitting on the edge of your bed thinking about nothing seems like the more exciting option.

    5. Your preferred way of tidying up is dumping a load of things from the floor onto a chair.

    6. You pretty much always have to frantically tidy when someone comes over unannounced because your place is messy AF.

    7. Where as cleaning is really satisfying.

    8. Especially power washing, that shit is therapuetic AF.

    9. Underneath all the mess in your house, there's very clean surfaces that you'd happily eat your dinner off of.

    10. For example, your floor is absolutely covered in clothes and mess, but underneath all of that junk is a clean floor.

    11. And although your makeup area is always chaos, you regularly wash your makeup brushes and make sure to disinfect everything.

    12. Your hair is always washed and shiny, but beyond that you've never bothered to learn any fancy hairstyles.

    13. Your kitchen is spotless, but when you open the cupboards everything starts tumbling out because you can never be bothered to stack stuff neatly.

    14. And you can never find that certain spice you know you have, because nothing is organised in your kitchen.

    15. You're really good at making sure you keep up with your laundry but when you open your wardrobe everything falls out.

    16. But that's also probably because you refuse to fold your clothes.

    17. And you've even rewashed clothes that you can't be bothered to fold and put away.

    My favorite game is “how many times can I wash and rewash clean clothes before I fold them and put them away”

    18. Yeah, okay sure your home is a bit of a mess, and tbh so is your life.

    19. But at least you're clean, which is what really matters.