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19 Things You'll Know If The Sun Is Your Greatest Enemy

Don't be fooled everyone, the sun is worse than Voldemort.

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4. Sometimes it feels like the sun is just waiting for you to step out of the shadows, and as soon as you do BAM you're burnt.

The fact that I sat in the sun for 5 minutes today and got this much sun burn is ridiculous! #whitegirl 🔥

5. If you don't get sunburn then don't worry the sun will make sure you get prickly heat.

Why hello prickly heat, I've seen you all day now please just go away and leave me alone. #sunproblems


8. And makes it impossible for you to wear makeup.

Instagram: @makeupbymori

10. You literally can't do anything, not even your car is safe.

I love the summer because I love how my ass and thighs form an irreparable bond with the car's scorching hot leather seat


12. It's impossible for you to form any kind of relationship when the sun is about.

This is "I love you, but it's too hot to be touched" weather.


16. Because of the sun you have to lie in a pool of your own sweat all night and worship the cold side of the pillow.

You might want to think twice before turning your pillow over tonight