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19 Best Friends Who Are Impressively Extra

Get you a BFF who will go above and beyond like this.

1. This pal who really knows how to play the game.

2. This part-time photographer and full-time friend.

3. This brilliant birthday gift.

4. This ridiculously generous friend.

5. This egotistical act of love.

6. This honestly over-the-top squad.

7. This friend who went above and beyond to get their friend a prom dress.

8. This ride-or-die friendship.

9. This extra cute compliment.

10. This meme-obsessed squad.

11. This heartfelt gesture.

12. This imaginative promposal.

13. This real act of love.

14. This act of great teamwork.

15. This extremely complimentary friend.

16. This dedicated BFF.

17. This thoughtful bezzie.

18. This best friend who knew exactly what to do.

19. This ultimate sacrifice.