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19 Amazon Products That Will Help You Be A Little Healthier

They might just help you feel your best.

Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed / Amazon

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Get some more greens in you with this vegetable spiralizer.

Promising review: I love it, my son happily ate courgette for the first time! Easy to use and clean. I'm eating so much more veg, partly thanks to this gadget. To balance out all the veg, I'm going to try spiralizing some chocolate later!! — Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon, £19.99.

2. Make meal planning easier with these Silicone Stretch Lids

Promising review: These stretch lids are excellent protective covers for food stored in the fridge, far better than food wrap - they are more sustantial, easier to repeatedly remove and are washable which cuts down on the use of plastics. The pack contains a variety of sizes. Highly recommend. — Eliza Jane

Get it on Amazon, 7.59.

3. Get your fill of watermelon with this slicer.

Promising review: Seen a number of different melon slicers before but this one the first time recently and thought I'd give it a go. It works like a treat and goes through melon like butter. You can cut larger slices or 'cross-cut' it to get more bite sized pieces for the little ones. The slicer will be one of the more used kitchen tools in our house. A must - have for any watermelon lover. — NK_London

Get it on Amazon, £5.99.

4. Be good to your body with this foam roller.

Promising review: It is hard work but it's done my back the world of good, in fact for the first time in years my back feels 90 per cent better, wish I'd known about it 40 years ago. — Joan Hughes

Get it on Amazon, £19.95.

5. Tell the time, count your steps, and track your sleep with this Smart Bracelet.

Promising review: Perfect little sports watch for tracking your progress when it comes to exercise. Can use to get notifications of messages, control your music when linked to your phone. And tell the time too! What more do you need from a watch. You can change how the information is displayed either portrait or landscape. Useful for me when I am running I like to have it displayed landscape where as when I am using it as a watch I like to have information displayed as portrait. — Ray

Get it on Amazon, £24.99.

6. Eat more oranges with this orange peeler.

Promising review: I bought them just for fun, and can't imagine a life without them anymore ;) If you have kids this gadget is just what you need: no need to peel oranges for them anymore, they just can use these peelers and peel them on their own. They are not sharp enough to be very dangerous to toddlers. — R.Karav

Get it on Amazon, £0.99.

7. Finally get a good night sleep with this sleeping mask.

Promising review: It's well-made, and the two adjustable straps are thin and unobtrusive, but up to the job. I haven't used the cool pack yet, but it slots behind the very very soft black towel surface which faces your eyes, and I imagine it would be most welcome in the hotter months when it could get too warm over your eyes at night or if you just want a cool lay-down, or if one has a fever or a headache.

But now to what's most important with this - how you sleep. In my experience, brilliantly. My body is left to wake up when it wants to, completely free from external light influences: it really does shut everything out, and I consistently wake up feeling refreshed. — William H.

Get it on Amazon, £9.56.

8. Up your smoothie intake with this Nutribullet blender.

Promising review: Amazing! So easy to wash up! Much easier to use & cleaner compared to a normal blender. A great way to get a load of veg and fruit in one drink. I've been having just one every morning for breakfast with a base of spinach, avocado and then some frozen fruit! It also great for crushing almonds, cashews and ice! — Mr. Rh Childs

Get it on Amazon, £69.99.

9. Upgrade your peanut butter with this healthier version.

Promising review: I love this stuff. Its pure 100% peanut butter with very little oil separation when left a while. It gets quite dry nearing the bottom, probably because the oil rises to the top as the peanut butter itself settles.

It tastes fantastic and use it as a pre/post workout nutrition. In terms of recovery and activity levels, a few spoons of this per day I've seen a huge improvement in myself and how quickly i can get back to the gym. Its full of monosaturated fats which are great for an healthy heart and more. — Mr. S. V. Joyce

Get it on Amazon, £15.49.

10. Get a little stronger with these hand weights.

Promising review: Very satisfied with my purchase. The weights are robust and well made and for me the fact they are octagonal is perfect so they are steadier doing push ups on them. Cannot fault them. — Louisa T.

Get them on Amazon, £21.99.

11. Stay hydrated with this fruit infuser water bottle.

Promising review: This product is just what I wanted. It makes me realise how little fluids I was drinking beforehand. It's easy to use. Although not able for use in a dishwasher it's so easy to clean it's no time waster to rinse out in less than a minute. The container has no 'aftertaste' after using, I've had this before with drinks bottles and totally hated them after. I've used a few different fruit combinations and have enjoyed all. I was useless at drinking water before, but am getting better by the day for this. — Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon, £13.95.

12. Banish bacteria with this phone sanitizer.

Promising review: Gave one to two of my adult children. One works with preschool children and the other will the public. I wanted them to have a safe effective tool to clean their phones after a day at work. They are VERY happy with it. — R Gonzales

Get it on Amazon, £67.00.

13. Up your fibre intake with these chia seeds.

Promising review: Smashing addition to any diet. Have been using these seeds in pretty much anything that I eat from smoothies to porridge come night or day. The big 1kg bag means that these will last me a reasonable amount of time but more so the price is good enough even if they go a little quicker than normal. Overall impressed with the quality and nutritional values. — Mr J

Get it on Amazon, £5.99.

14. Stay comfy and cute while doing yoga with these leggings.

Promising review: I need something that is fairly stretchy when doing my yoga but thick enough that it's not going to go see through when stretched. This is exactly that. The fabric is nice and thick but also very stretchy which is essential when doing yoga. The seams and edges are all nicely reinforced so I don't have to worry about them being undone. There is a wide band on the waist which helps flatten the bulge and I like the little pocket especially. the little pocket is located at the waist band and is very discreet. It's big enough to fit a bank card, a bill note or a locker key. I am very happy with this purchase and it's a great quality pair of leggings. — May

Get them on Amazon, £12.86 - £18.88.

15. Run comfortably with this breast support band.

Promising review: I don't typically leave product reviews, but I must say, for me this product is an absolute game changer. It makes running much more comfortable for me. As a 34DD, I typically need to wear 2 tightly fitting sports bras to even consider exercising, and even then, running is still uncomfortable. The Booband gives me that extra bit of support to keep everything in place. Just make sure you do it up tightly. Great product! — Amazon customer

Get it on Amazon, £20.00 - £35.00.

16. Make cleaning the floors fun and active with these dust slippers.

Promising review: Exercise while drying the floor! Bought these for my daughter in law as she has an active two year old and she loves that she can dry the floor quicker with these on her feet. — Mandy Booth

Get them on Amazon, £1.00.

17. Snack on these yummy coconut chips.

Promising review: These are very thinly cut and very crispy, nice base for a carb-free breakfast cereal. Superb thank you. — J&KW

Get them on Amazon, £7.54.

18. Sleep better with these pillows.

Promising review: Amazing pillows. I have had them on my bed for over a month now and they still have their shape. So comfortable. Like sleeping on a cloud. — Lynne Davison

Get them on Amazon, £8.00.

19. Drain off the fat from your meals with this George Foreman Health Grill.

Promising review: This thing has helped me so much! I'm a man that can't cook at all lol. I purchased this as I'm on a journey to lean out physically. Grilled food tastes great in addition to that it's also a healthy option. Very easy to use and cooks very well in minimal time — Curtis

Get it on Amazon, £19.99.