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18 Tumblr Posts That Prove Parents Are Weird But Great

"My dad got very excited because he thinks my frog looks like this biscuit."

1. This unhelpful but hilarious mum.

2. This proud father.

3. This encouraging mum.

4. These parents who think they're comedians.

5. This mum who lives for the drama.

6. This truthful mum.

7. This helpful mum, and not so helpful dad.

8. This classic dad joke.

9. This hilarious mum.

10. This very optimistic mum.

11. This excitable dad.

12. This honestly rude dad.

13. This demanding mum.

14. This childish father.

15. This disastrous dad.

16. This mum who is an evil genius.

17. This kid of lovely burn.

18. This accident-prone dad.