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17 Things That All Serial Nappers Know

You and your bed are in a happy and loving relationship.

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2. Without it you have trouble actually functioning.

Naps, the original life hack: 1) Sad? There's a nap for that. 2) Tired? There's a nap for that. 3) Angry? There's a nap for that.

4. You can literally nap anywhere and nothing can get in the way of your sleep.

8. And you're very used to having these marks on your arm.

You know your nap was good when u wake up with this


14. And if anyone gets in the way of that then there is big trouble.

15. You're basically a pro at napping and would compete in it if you could.

As soon as they recognize napping as a professional sport, I'm going to have so many nap-related endorsement deals.