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    17 Reasons Why British Pancakes Are Better Than American Pancakes

    If your pancakes are thick and small then you're doing it all wrong.

    1. American pancakes are way too thick.

    2. And they're so dry.

    True Confessions: I don't care for pancakes unless they are European-style. Thick, dry, American flapjacks are for the birds.

    3. So you have to drown them in maple syrup, making them nothing but a sticky toffee pudding really.

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    4. The texture is all wrong and doughy.

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    If I wanted a crumpet I'd eat a crumpet.

    5. Which means you have to counteract the lack of moisture with more toppings.

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    6. Lemon and sugar go perfectly on British pancakes, but are lost amongst the thickness of the American ones.

    If you make American pancakes with syrup on Pancake Day, you should be deported. Soggy, flat & drenched in sugar & lemon is the British way.

    7. If you cook them in a griddle and not a pan then American pancakes can't technically be called a pancake.

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    8. British pancakes have a lovely crispyness around the edges that American ones lack.

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    9. American pancakes are just too small.

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    10. And you can't fold them.

    Voltan1 / Getty Images

    11. Or roll them into a chocolatey pancakey dream.

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    12. They're easier and less fun to toss.

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    13. Which makes them shit for pancake tossing competitions.

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    14. Unlike, the crepe-like pancake, American pancakes are not versatile. You would never order one in a fancy restaurant.

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    15. And you can use the British one as a pocket to store things in, which you cannot with a stodgy American one.

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    16. American pancakes are way too round and lack the charming imperfection of British pancakes.

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    17. And there is nothing better than thin, crispy, soft British pancakes. With lemon and sugar, of course.

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    1. Do you like American pancakes?

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    Do you like American pancakes?
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