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    16 Of The Strangest Things People Have Actually Done In Their Sleep

    "I was half asleep this morning and realised that the weird mooing sound I heard was actually me."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the weirdest thing they've done while sleeping. These are the results.

    1. "One night I had a convoluted dream about having to defend Atlantis from a bunch of neo-Nazi skinheads. At the climax of the dream, I had to punch one of them in the face, only to wake up because I had really punched my sleeping boyfriend squarely on the nose, hard. As he writhed in pain, I patted him on the head, told him, 'Shh, it was only a dream,' rolled over, and went back to sleep."


    2. “I was adjusting to a new medicine that gave me night tremors as a side effect. I had a week's worth of nights where, according to my husband, I would scream and try to run away because of demons trying to get me. Until the last one. He said I woke him up because I was sitting up in bed, laughing my ass off. He asked me what was so funny. I pointed and told him to 'look at the dancing potatoes!' He asked me how many potatoes there were and I said, 'one potato, two potato, three potato, four. Five potato, six potato, seven potato, turnip.' He asked me, ‘There’s a dancing turnip?' I said, ‘No, dummy. He’s playing the piano’ while I danced along to the turnip tunes in my head, sitting there in bed. I don’t remember it. Kinda wish I did.”

    – Lauri Nobles Davis via Facebook

    Ockra / Getty Images

    – Marianne Myers via Facebook

    4. "I have a heavy lisp when I talk in my sleep. Just recently I told my husband, "Call me Rose. Just call me Rose." When I lived at home my mom tried to wake me up once and I told her, "Stop, leave me and my kitties alone." All with a very heavy lisp."

    – Kelley DeLaney via Facebook

    5. "My boyfriend told me that the dog leash was with the goat people. He’s also told me that he had brownies and he wasn’t going to share any of them with me because I was being a bitch."


    6. "When I was a child, I once yelled 'FOO FA!' so loud that it woke up my parents."


    Hasloo / Getty Images

    – Claire Reiling via Facebook

    8. "I've had a dream where I was falling off of a cliff and actually fell out of the bed."

    – Ashley Sy, via Facebook

    9. "Almost every day throughout school, when my mum shouted for me to get up I would then dream waking up and getting ready. It was only when she shouted again that I would wake up properly, realising none of it was real and I’d have to do it all over. Sometimes I would 'wake up' like this four or five times in one morning, constantly thinking I was finally awake even though I wasn’t. It gets really annoying brushing your teeth and tying your shoelaces for the fifth time."


    123ducu / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    11. "I once FaceTimed my best friend while I was sleeping. According to her, I called her at around 1am and when she answered I asked her 'Why did you call me? What time is it? Why are my lights on?' She told me that I had called her, and then I said 'Oh OK, cool' and hung up. She swears it happened, but I have no recollection of it."


    12. "My sister sleep talks. When I lived at home she sat up one night, looked right at me and said, 'Don’t put ketchup or waffles in the piano, idiot,' lay back down and went to sleep."


    Daizuoxin / Getty Images / BuzzFeed


    14. "When I was about 8 I fell asleep in the living room. At midnight I woke up holding the TV in my hands and my sister’s holding me. Apparently, I sleepwalked and try to pull it from the wall. If she hadn’t have stopped me I would have probably injured myself at best."


    15. "Well, there was that time that I sang 'Down, Down, Down' by the Mills Brothers in my sleep. Reportedly I was mostly quiet until all of a sudden I went (rather loudly) 'Now swing it up! Up! Up!' and scared the living daylights out of all present."


    Pixbox77 / Getty Images

    – Marianne Myers via Facebook

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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