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14 Things Beauty Bloggers Should Try Instead Of A Beauty Blender

If you thought condoms were the limit, you were wrong.

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Some believe that this trend has gone too far, but honestly it has not gone far enough. Here are a few suggestions as to what they should use next:

1. A washing-up sponge.

Barbedur / Getty Images

Beauty bloggers have tried everything but the kitchen sink, so naturally something from the kitchen sink is next. The scouring part would come in handy when things go wrong.


8. Usain Bolt's gold medal that he won in the men's 200m in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Fabrice Coffrini / AFP / Getty Images

Ever the businessman, Usain Bolt is selling his gold medals on Etsy in order for you to have stunning makeup.


11. The United States constitution.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

If all beauty bloggers started to use the constitution to contour then not only would they perpetually look on point but also their viewers would be educated in the fundamental laws of America.

12. Those witch fingers you used to wear on Halloween when you were 5.

These aren't just incredibly fashionable but also very, very useful for those sharp contour lines. They're especially great to finish off that witch aesthetic you should always be striving for.