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    The 40 Cutest Pictures Of Boo And Buddy

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know about Boo and his big bro Buddy. Here's a sampling of some of their cutest moments.

    1. When Boo clearly had muddy paws on a white carpet and was totally cute enough to get away with it.

    2. When Boo was the cutest pumpkin of all time ever.

    3. When Buddy and Boo were super classy.

    4. When Boo stuck it to the man.

    5. When Boo was better looking than this high fashion model. And had better hair than her too.

    6. When Boo sat in a pile of his own stuffed animals and it was so much cuter than when ET did it.

    7. When Boo was really good friends with a stuffed giraffe.

    8. When Boo and his best giraffe friend looked great in black and white.

    9. When Boo was wondering what you wanted, exactly?

    10. When Buddy and Boo didn't care about gender stereotypes.

    11. When Boo practiced his "not impressed" face.

    12. When Buddy and Boo were intellectuals.

    13. When Buddy decided to use Boo as a car seat.

    14. When Boo was cooler than you in every single way possible.

    15. When Buddy and Boo broke millions of hearts on Valentines Day.

    16. When Buddy and Boo were in doggy jail.

    17. When Buddy and Boo were in doggy jail (again) for exceeding their limit of cuteness.

    18. When Buddy and Boo were thoroughly unimpressed by snow.

    19. When Buddy and Boo had the cutest fuzzy butts in the world.

    20. When it was Buddy's birthday and our invitations to this party must have gotten lost in the mail.

    21. When Boo decided the sink was a cool place to hang out.

    22. When Buddy and Boo were checking themselves out in a magazine.

    23. When Boo wore this hoodie and was definitely pulling it off.

    24. When Buddy and Boo were the only Hollywood postcard anyone could ever need.

    25. When Buddy and Boo took in the scenery together.

    26. When Boo was a pillow sandwich with pom filling.

    27. When Boo was in better shape than you.

    28. When Boo mocked all of us with his adorable little tongue.

    29. When Buddy and Boo totally had each other's back.

    30. When Boo nommed really hard on a cookie.

    31. When Buddy used his big brother authority to use Boo as a pillow.

    32. When Buddy and Boo discussed current events on a hotel balcony.

    33. When Buddy and Boo almost got blown away in San Francisco.

    34. When Boo was checking if he was carry-on size. He is.

    35. When Buddy and Boo really loved New York.

    36. When Anderson Cooper was the luckiest man alive.

    37. When Buddy and Boo posed with a palace of cute.

    38. When Boo was stretching his paws as far as he could and Buddy couldn't even handle it.

    39. When Boo had socks and his game face on.

    40. When Buddy and Boo were the most adorable best friends EVER!

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