18 Cutest Videos Of Kids Being Told They’re Going To Disney World

Some of YouTube’s most clever parents surprise their kids by taking them to the happiest places on earth, Disneyland and Disney World. Enjoy the magic!

18. We Lied.

These adorable kids scream at pitches only Pluto and Goofy can hear!

17. Thank You!

The soundtrack to Disney World’s nightly fireworks show, “Wishes,” clues these two in on their surprise trip. The girl on the left gives the sweetest thank you ever! Super cute!

16. Like $1,000

One of these lucky princesses was very insightful as to how much this trip must have cost her parents. Hope they enjoyed their trip to that Mickey Mouse place!

15. Post-its

There was no other way for these girls to deal with their excitement other than running laps and hurting the furniture. Very Tom Cruise of you, ladies.

14. You Little Trickster!

These parents went so far as to convince their kids they were in a different STATE entirely. Bella’s reaction is priceless! Enjoy!

13. Rolling On The Floor

How better to express your pure Disney joy than rolling on the floor? No better way. You’re doing it right, girls.

12. I See A Castle On There

This princess is rendered practically speechless (and skeptical!) while approaching The Magic Kingdom!

11. Now?!

Aside from their adorable matching outfits and pigtails, these sisters couldn’t have had a cuter reaction to their surprise trip! I’m pretty sure these two are okay with skipping school, Dad. If only poor Pippy could go with them!

10. Ow, That Hurt!

This short and sweet video shows just how exciting going to Disney World is; enough to make you scream loud enough to hurt your sister’s ears. Magical!

9. Right Now?!

Grace and Izzy are going to Disney World RIGHT NOW!

8. Avery and Hudson

Thankfully, Avery isn’t too upset that her college tuition was used for their trip to Disney World. Younger bro Hudson plays it cool, though…

7. I Think I’m Crying

These two cuties have the best mom and dad ever in the whole world!

6. Summer School

These tricky parents told their kids that their grades were so bad that they had to go to summer school. Along with their OnStar lady, they were in for quite a shock.

5. Ear Hat Surprise

Some adorable flight attendants help these parents surprise their kids with personalized ear hats! Now they can strut down Main Street USA in style!

4. LJ Wanted To Go To Chuck-E-Cheese

LJ was in for a surprise when he found out he and his twin sister were NOT going to Chuck-E-Cheese. Hopefully he absorbed some of his family’s enthusiasm and had a magical trip, anyway!

3. Lily!

With over 13 million views on youtube, the adorable and appreciative Princess Lily probably has the greatest reaction to going to Disneyland ever.

2. Lily Goes To Disneyland again!

2 years later and Lily is surprised again! We love you Lily, but little sister Chloe’s face is priceless in this (once again) adorable video.

1. Kairi’s Belle Dress

Hopefully you’ve made it to the end because Kairi is by far the cutest princess ever! This fashionista knows better than to walk into Disneyland NOT in her princess dress, duh! Adorbs, Kairi!

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