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The INDISPUTABLE Ranking Of The Most Bangeable World Cup Players From Each Country

Buzzfeed recently made a list of the hottest world cup players from each country, but two girls were not satisfied by this mediocre list. These girls are experts because their sole purpose in watching the World Cup (and in life) is to fawn over these hunky walls of man muscle. They may or may not have already planned their joint wedding to Gerard Piqué.

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MEXICO- Raúl Jiménez

Why don't you just sharpen a knife with those perfect cheekbones and stab it into my heart, Raúl? Because that's basically how I feel when I look at a picture of you.


Between the coiffed hair, the slight stubble, and the fact that he's licking his lips, I am unsure how to react to this picture other than fainting so I probably won't finish this sente

SPAIN- Gerard Piqué

I actually take personal offense to the fact that Piqué was not named Spain's hottest footballer on Buzzfeed's list. In what world is ANY PERSON AT ALL hotter than Piqué? Not this world. Not this one.

Why bother holding your shirt up with your teeth, Gerard? No one wants your shirt on. Seriously. You know what, just go ahead and burn all of the shirts you own because NO ONE WANTS YOU TO WEAR SHIRTS

ENGLAND- Steven Gerrard

That smolder and classy getup is reminiscent of James Bond. I'd like to BOND myself to him if ya know what I mean okay seriously I'm sorry that was such a stretch

GERMANY- Erik Durm

Because Germany plays the US today (when I wrote this), it was really hard for me to admit that any of the German players were hot but ERIK I WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR YOU

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