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    The Struggle Of Mistaken Twin Identity

    Twin-status: non-existent

    1. "Are you two twins?"

    2. "Wow, you guys look so much alike!"

    3. "Who's older?"

    4. Wearing anything remotely similar

    5. When your own parents call you by the wrong name...

    6. "Oh hey! Where's your twinsie?"

    7. Oh, is it (enter sibling's name)'s birthday too?

    8. When your non-twin gets angry about being called a twin...

    9. "Did you guys fight in the womb as much as you do now?"

    10. "Do you guys, like, have a secret language?"

    11. When someone asks your mom what it was like having twins...

    12. "Oh my gosh! You guys just said the same thing at the same time! Twins are so cute!"

    13. "So are you the cute twin?" ;)

    14. When people find out you're not actually twins...

    15. At the end of the day, still tricking people into believing you are twins...

    Don't forget to hug your non-twin!