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    • cassieg49931ec1e

      This quiz is really stupid, offensive, and just plain sexist. As MrRepzion said in his video: this would have been so hated and trolled if it was a quiz called “How misogynist are you” that it would have been taken down in no time, BUT because this quiz is hating on men rather than women, it’s totally fine, socially acceptable and all that.
      It seems to me that if you want women to be totally equal to men, then women can get just as much undeserved backlash as men, and it would be acceptable. You can’t truly be a feminist if you want to raise women HIGHER than men. The idea is equality, which means everything that goes for men, good or bad, positive or negative, can happen for women. Whether this was a joke or not, it’s giving out the message that this type of behavior in society is fine. If this were a test of misogyny, serious or not, EVERYONE would have been pissed off by it, and frankly, I think there are lots of sexists out there if they AREN’T getting pissed off by this thing as it is. So please, either make another quiz called “How Misogynist Are You” or take this one down, ‘cuz this isn’t showing support for equality.

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