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Degrees Of Fandom

Let's face it. Everybody is a fan, but what kind?

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Disclaimer: Just because you are a fan of said item, doesn't mean you act this way. I am speaking in the most general terms of fans. For example, I am a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Star Trek. But I act like a LOTR fan....mostly.

2. Harry Potter

These fans are a bit nerdier. They dream of touring London, visiting Harry Potter World, and have a wonderful array of merch. They also know how to read.

Their downfall? BAND WAGON JUMPERS. Seriously. Speaking as a now 25 year old fan, I was 11 when the first book came out. And when Deathly Hallows came out Barnes and Noble was stuffed with small children! I was banned from the contests because I was "too old" WTH?

3. Lord of the Rings

Ah, Middle Earth. They aren't afraid to handle a weapon and have no problem with blood. They can read a map, are willing to learn languages and love a good quest. Argue with them and they will just shrug it off. They know how to handle a joke and can dish them out too. The happy medium of all fandoms. Granted, that may be due to all the pipeweed.....

4. Doctor Who (and Sherlock)

These fans are the die-hards that are always trying to suck you in to all the feels. They rule tumblr. Don't ask them about it, they will go on forever. No need to poke at their emotions. Moffat does that all on his own.

6. Star Trek

Trekkies. Do not mess with them. Repeat, do NOT mess with them! Seriously. You show up at a convention dressed as anything else or express how you hate Star Trek they will sacrifice you to the Vulcan Gods!!

Yes, there are so many more fandoms on the scale, but I feel like these are the major blips on it.

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