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15 Irresistible Bohemian Items For Your Place

These boho chic items are just right for personalizing your free spirited space!

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1. Wall Hangings


Who knew macrame would make a come back? Time to start digging through the family attic to bring out the relics! Or, you could purchase your own new one, sans musty smell. Buy it from Amazon here .

5. Area Rugs

While many people think of bohemian as only bright and bold colors, I am also a fan of the understated version with neutral colors. Continue mixing prints and textures for that signature boho style. Snag it from Etsy here.

6. Funky Picture Frames

If your mom is anything like mine, she's always urging you to take more pictures and document your life. Pick out some cute, complimentary frames to display your greatest moments. Get this one from Macy's here.

7. Bedding

Bedding is such a statement. As it's the center of the bedroom, you want it to represent you. It should be a place of sanctuary and relaxation. I love the big print, but mostly how it reminds me of fine china. Find it at JCPenney's here.

8. Wall Decals

While I'm more of a tapestry or wall hanging kind of girl myself, wall decals (especially if removable!) can be a cool way to add interest to an otherwise lacking space, like a hallway. Get it from Amazon here.

9. Low floor seating


One of the trademarks of bohemian style is furniture is typically low to the ground and intimate. While all rules are made to be broken, who would want to in this beautiful chair, reminiscent of the bean bags from our childhood? Find it at Urban Outfitters here.

11. Tapestries


Add another layer of texture with wall tapestries. If you're in an apartment where you can't paint, tapestries are a great way to give your little slice of heaven color and personality. This one is available at Target here.

12. Crystals


There are some who swear by the healing properties of crystals. For me, this is yet to be determined. But even if they don't work, worst case scenario is that you have some beautiful pieces on display. How awful. Find them on Etsy here.

14. Antiques


I am a huge fan of hitting up local antique stores and looking for new treasures that will bring character into the home. This mirror mimics the looks of a window, and will bring additional light into your space. Available at Kirkland's here.

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