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The 32 Worst Things About Working In Food

Sure, it's not all that bad. But actually it is all that bad.

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1. Getting a raise is probably the worst expectation you could have


Oh, you're employee of the month? Well you still don't get a raise.

2. You have to deal with people who can't seem to fathom you running out of an item.

"How do you run out of food?! This is a restaurant!"

"There's this thing called people paying us to eat our food and when they eat all of, we have no more left. Now what else do you want?"

3. And then they complain about the price of their meal

I'm just the cashier, lady. I don't make the prices!

4. Seeing someone walk in with their parade of children literally makes you want to punch someone because you know there's going to be a HUGE mess.

Basically they brought their kids out in public because they didn't want to clean up after them. So instead, YOU have to do it.

5. You're not allowed to be rude to customers, but customers have no problem being rude to you

I'm sorry, but I've been here for 12 hours and I do not have the patience to deal with your shit.

6. You have all your managers and coworkers numbers programmed in your phone so if they call on your day off, you just don't answer

Sorry not sorry. It's called a day off for a reason.

7. There's an endless cycle of work and then sleep and then work and sleep

You sleep just enough so you have time to get ready to go and the first thing you do when you get home is fall in bed.

8. Doing dishes all day sounds easy, but not when someone decided it would be a good idea to put their gum on their plate

Does that look like a trash can to you? That has been in your MOUTH and you think it's okay to just LEAVE it there?!

9. You have "the regulars" who think they're like, you're best friend or something

Either they're a really nice old couple who you can't help but love or the annoying people who say their order so quickly that you feel like you've just been struck by lightning

10. And then the people who complain about one thing being ever so slightly off so they can get it for free

If you don't wanna spend money, eat at home!

11. Literally EVERYONE asks off for holiday's and you know you're gonna have to be the one to work Christmas Eve

Even though your manager told you you wouldn't, it's still on the schedule. Thanks.

12. When people get mad because an item has been discontinued...

Oh well. Not my fault.

13. Or when you rotate your items throughout the week so you don't have what they want on certain days and they throw a fit about it

Sucks for you. Should have been here yesterday.

14. When people take you being a nice person as you just wanting a big tip

I mean, I was just trying to be a nice person BUT NEVERMIND

15. There's always that one person that after every meal wants to "speak to a manager"

And then your manager audibly moans.

16. When it's almost close and a group of people, be it youths or old women, come in and get smoothies and lattes and desert all for here

And you thought you were gonna get your close done early!

17. Sunday afternoons are literally the worst day and no one wants to work them

Because who actually looks forward to a line out the door for three hours straight?

18. And you know there's gonna be at least one person who has never been there before so they want you to answer every single question

"What's a bread bowl?"

"Uh... Well it's a bowl. Made of bread."

19. When there are new, happy go-lucky employees and you know it won't take long for them to start hating the job because you were once in their shoes

Oh man. You just wait. You just wait.

20. When you tell someone their pager will buzz once to activate and again when their food is ready. And when it buzzes they're like "Oh my god, it's ready! That was fast!"

Like maybe you should just stay home

21. You get sick of the food except for when you're not hungry and you're craving it

Like why, stomach? Why?

22. You try to help your everyone out by doing more than one job, but then they just get mad at you

Fine. I'll stand here and let you do a million things at once.

23. People who ask you if you have a certain item... While looking straight at it on the menu

It is literally right in front of you.

24. You basically can't tell any of your coworkers anything

It's worse than high school because EVERYTHING gets around

25. You basically have a set script you have to follow when taking peoples orders that you can recite in your sleep

It consists of about 1,000 possible questions that you could recite with no problem.

26. You could also make pretty much all the food blindfolded if you had to

It's just muscle memory at this point

27. There's always someone who decides they're just gonna tell you their whole life story while they order

But you smile and nod anyways because you kind of have to.

28. You hardly have time to wash your uniform between shifts so you usually just keep wearing it until you can wash it

There might be crusted food on it but really no one at work cares.

29. Mostly you're just counting down the days until you can quit...

Just waiting, wishing and hoping you'll get another job

30. Cause you know you could never do this for the rest of your life like your managers...

Like honestly how do they do this?

31. But honestly you're grateful to even have a job...

Even though it sucks.

32. But you can't wait to get out!

One day!

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