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Top 5 Toronto Late Eats

It's 1 am and you're looking for something to scarf down, something other than pizza..

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1. The Lakeview


The Lakeview diner is a hotspot for Trinity Bellwoods' locals. Open 24 hours a day, it offers the answer to all your late night cravings. Step into another time filled with retro furnishings and deep fried deliciousness.

2. Rol San


If you're feeling more like asian food, Rol San's the place. This Chinatown eatery offers a wide variety of fresh dumplings including fragrant vegetarian options all night long. Always bustling with clientele, the service is extremely fast and friendly, with an affordable menu.

3. Vesta Lunch


Dupont’s gem, Vesta Lunch, has been popular since 1955. This 24 hour hangover hotspot serves diner style food around it’s crowded communal lunch counter. Squeeze in and listen to the ramblings of post- boozers while scarfing down your meal; it’s part of the Vesta late night charm.

4. 7 West Cafe


If you’re seeking a more intimate and rustic ambiance for your after-hours meal, the 7 West Cafe has you covered. The glass pained church windows and cozy table layout offers a unique dining experience in the uptown Yorkville neighborhood.

5. Pho Pasteur


Craving the exotic and enticing spices of Vietnamese cuisine for an evening snack?

make sure to stop by Chinatown’s Pho Pasteur. Their beef noodle soup is off da hook.

You can’t go wrong with those generous portions and affordable prices 24 hours a day either.

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