Top 10 Box Office Disasters Turned Cult Favorites

These films all flopped dramatically at the box office, but who cares?! Ahead of their time, these films can live on through DVD and the internet.


People either didn’t get or didn’t like this “bedroom comedy” and its over-the-top and campy humor.


Dark and extremely witty, this film is a high point for Evan Rachel Wood.


This film is a strict ‘love or hate’ kind of movie. Those who love it admire its dark wit and amazing soundtrack.


What’s not to love about a drug dealer who owns a lion?


Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce give flawless performances in this biopic about Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol’s twisted relationship.


It wasn’t the first mockumentary, but it definitely was a refreshing film for 1999. It’s still funnier than the countless mock films released now-a-days.


The quality of this film can’t be missed. I don’t even think it went to theaters… What a shame, because this film blends horror, camp and style perfectly!


Before Titanic and Pirates, there was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Possibly the saddest/funniest/greatest film of both Leo and Johnny’s careers.


This film starts out as a cliche 80’s flick that slowly loses its mind. It’s completely abstract and has a surprising amount of today’s A-list stars.


One of the most refreshing modern films to ever not make money. It’s the most recent and highest grossing on the list. Still this film only made half of its money back, domestically.

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