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    Uber Drivers Are Sharing Stories Of The Worst Passengers They've Ever Had, And Wow, These People Are Awful

    Don't be one of these riders.

    It's a blessing of modern transportation and technology that we can just tap on our phones and have a ride in minutes. But people can be awful, and getting into a stranger's car (especially drunk) can bring out the worst.

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    So redditor u/CactusOfDooom asked the question, "Uber drivers of Reddit: What's the worst rating you've given? Why?"

    The responses are sometimes expected, sometimes shocking, all cringey. Here are some of the worst.

    1. "For a laugh, they thought it'd be funny to pull the handbrake on the freeway while I was doing 100 km/h."

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    "Of course I was not expecting it and nearly spun out; luckily I knew how to correct a slide from going drifting for fun in shitty beater cars. Gave them 1 star and reported to Uber."


    2. "My rating and comment: 1 star. 'Damn, girl — take a goddamn shower.'"

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    "It was only the second time in 18 months that I had to Febreze my car. I counted myself lucky because it was less than a 10-minute ride. She had B.O. that couldn’t have taken less than two weeks to cultivate. It was fucking horrible."


    3. "I only give 1 star to people who give attitude or treat me like subhuman trash."

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    4. "A douchebag barfed in my car on an interstate where I couldn't even pull over. Wouldn't have mattered anyway, since he gave no warning. He was fine and talking, then, BROM! all over the window and the front passenger door. We had to sit there with that smell for 20 minutes on I-76."

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    "Then he decides to change the music to some shitty rap radio station and says, 'You're gonna hate this.' When we get to his destination, he insists on trying to clean my car at 1 a.m. in downtown Philly so I don't 'screw [him] with a cleanup fee.' I'd already taken pics, so I got a $100 fee for detail, but that ended my night.

    "Fucker then has the nerve to rate me 4 stars for not being 'friendly.' Luckily I complained, and they removed the rating, given that he puked in my car. I'm all for taking drunk people home so they don't drive, and I like that I can make extra $$ at it, but if you can't handle your liquor to the point where you puke in someone's car, stop drinking or learn to drink properly. Regardless, I think puking in an Uber should get your account suspended for at least a month or more."


    5. "I drove Lyft for a few weeks to see what it was like. Only person I gave 1 star to was the drunk who felt the need to keep poking my shoulder to get my attention."

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    6. "Drunk guy gets in and I confirm the destination. He tells me that it's wrong and states where he is trying to go. I tell him that he can't change the destination on a pool ride, so he would have to cancel and reorder. He tries but in the end is too drunk to do it, so hands me his phone and asks me to handle it."

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    "As I'm going to cancel, his phone dies. So I plug it into my charger and tell him I'll take him to the already set destination while his phone charges and then we can get him a ride to where he's really trying to go. He sleeps the whole 20-minute ride there. I complete the first trip and he hands me his phone again to set up the next one, since he's still too drunk to work it out, so I get it set up and we head out.

    "I knew we were going to where he left his car, and he told me it was so he could get his garage door opener to get into his house. I figured we'd be doing yet another trip to his house from his car. Nope...he unlocks the car, jumps in, and drives off. So I called the cops on him and reported the incident."


    7. "I was taking some drunk guy home. He couldn't work his phone for the address right, so the destination was down the street from where he really needed to go. It's fine; just tell me the right address. He passes out two minutes into the drive, wakes up a couple of minutes from the destination, then inhale-snorts and hocks a fucking loogie on my floorboard."

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    "I drop him off at the address he told me; he walks to the house next door and pisses on their door. Walks back over to his place as I drive away with a pending cleaning charge on him; 3 stars."


    8. "Sexually harassing other Lyft Line/UberPool passengers. This happened pretty frequently at night with drunk guys and women riding alone. I have no patience for people who think this behavior is acceptable."

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    9. "Guy gets in with his buddy, already bitching about Mexicans. Tries to rope me in, doesn't like it when I refuse. It was 2 a.m. and they were drunk. From there, it kept getting worse. He tried to hit on me, I refused. So obviously this means I'm, in his words, 'some kinda hermaphrodite.' Then, after repeated attempts to get under my skin failed, he decided to start waxing about the AR-15 in his truck he wanted to show me."

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    "Also tried to keep up the intersex line by calling me 'it,' but our Übermensch here couldn't even get that right, using 'she' by accident before every attempt. We were pretty close, so I drop them off. Shouts some line as I pull away. Turns out I couldn't go around the building, so I had to turn around. Dude decides he's gonna stand out and block the way. So I sped up.

    "As a bonus, buddy spilled his spit bottle in the backseat — pretty small mess, really, but I think Uber tagged them with a bigger cleaning fee than they would've normally, seeing as I'd already reported the incident."


    10. "Pretty much anything a passenger does to cause a driver to lose money earns them a 1-star rating. Passengers who aren't ready when I arrive, ask for me to wait mid-trip with no tip. Lots of 1s for asshole passengers..."

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    11. "A woman gets in my car shortly before the five-minute waiting time is up. Two-stop trip. First stop is two blocks from where my son goes to daycare, which also happens to be a neighborhood with a reputation for heavy drug use/drug sales. The woman gets out, spends some time going in and out of a car and 'transacting some business' with someone who was waiting around on the street."

    Awkward Marketing

    "Whatever they did, it was not just a quick, seamless transaction because it took more than one minute and was, well, not very stealthy. We pull out of there, and as soon as we're out of sight of the man she met, we're driving past about six police cars. We're out of sight of all the police cars for about two seconds, and I hear crinkling. More crinkling and then a bunch of snorting. I briefly look to see what is going on. Yep, some substance from a small bag is being inhaled up this passenger's nostrils.

    "Fast-forward a minute...she starts making small talk. A summary: 'Having a rough day, how 'bout you? I'm on my way to parole court building.' I didn't have much to say about that. I was floored that someone would actually consume cocaine or whatever the **** it was in my car, and further shocked she did it on the way to see her parole officer."


    12. "Bringing open alcohol into my car. Open container laws mean that you’re putting me in jeopardy of a DUI for driving sober and doing my job. Your desire for a road beer is totally not worth that consequence. I don’t care if 'the cops will totally understand.' They might not, and it’s not worth the risk."

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    "Same goes for weed, whether it’s in your bag, pocket, or otherwise contained. I don’t care. If you start rolling joints in my backseat, we have a problem. If you start smoking, we have a big problem.

    "Smoking and, to a lesser extent, vaping. I couldn’t believe that some people thought it was okay to light up. It only happened three or four times, but good god. Vaping without asking also irked me. Definitely not on the same playing field as smoking in terms of smell, but really inconsiderate."


    13. "Had a passenger get in the car with a red Solo cup; I asked him to pour it out, since I said no alcohol in the car. We start to drive to a bar, and he starts hitching about me and the drive. And I say I will stop the ride. He screams at me, 'If you stop the car, I will kill you.'"

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    "I pulled into the Circle K and told him to leave; he refused because he said he was paying and I had to drive him. I called the Phoenix police, and they arrived in a few minutes and pulled him from the car.

    "He was charged with assault, theft of service because he refused to pay, and being drunk in public. Not a good night for him."


    14. "Picked up a junkie; wasn't clearly spun out until he was in the car. Proceeded to mutter incessantly to himself about killing himself or other people, then how high he'll get at home."

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    "He laughed after each sentence."


    (If you are struggling with drug use or addiction, please reach out here.)

    15. "Some basic things that would earn you a low rating: taking the full five minutes to come out to the car without texting or calling me. I got paid 10–14 cents a minute."

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    "Asking me to fit more riders than you paid for in the car. I’m not risking a ticket so you can cheap out and expect to fit six people in my VW Jetta.

    “Making a mess. If I had to stop driving for any extended time to clean it, it got reported.

    “Disrespecting me in general. I generally wasn’t bothered very easily, but if you couldn’t treat me like a fellow human, you got a low rating."


    16. "I'm not an Uber driver, but I always like to chat on the ride, so I got one driver talking about his worst experience. He said he had picked up two 21-ish-year-old guys from a bar in town who were belligerently drunk. Both of them were in full suits. All of a sudden, as the trip was about to be over, the guy in the front puked everywhere: on the window and carpet and in between seats."

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    "He immediately pulled over and started cleaning. As the guys were waiting, they kept asking to help clean, but the driver said no. They kept on asking, and the driver kept saying no. Then the one who threw up screamed, 'THIS MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE WON'T LET ME CLEAN HIS FUCKING CAR 'CAUSE HE WANTS TO CHARGE ME.'

    "Still kills me to this day. He started charging at him, but luckily the driver keeps a metal rod in the car and was able to avert the situation. The driver never hit the guy; he just got in his car and drove off, leaving them with a 10-minute walk. Also, he looked like Santa, which just made it a funnier overall experience."


    Have you driven someone who takes the prize for Worst Passenger in the World? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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