"Sweet Tooth" Is Going Strong On Netflix, And Here Are 19 Reasons You Should Binge-Watch It

    Just like Dad reading you a story.

    If you haven't gotten sucked into Netflix's Sweet Tooth yet, what are you waiting for?!

    Bear, Gus, and Jepp dressed for travel wearing backpacks, walking across a field with mountains in the background

    It's an epic tale about a human-animal hybrid navigating a post-apocalyptic world — and if that doesn't get you on board, these 19 reasons will.

    1. The story centers on a precocious young boy struggling to find his identity.

    Gus outside a wooden cabin in the woods, pushing a wooden sled piled with his belongings like a blanket, rope, and his stuffed dog toy

    2. Magic realism.

    Gus wearing a helmet around his horns walking with Jepp next to a train

    3. A completely novel reimagining of post-apocalyptic life.

    Bear in front of a group of young people dressed in somewhat punk outfits, looking sullen and walking together across a landscape with a burned-out car in the background

    4. Intertwining storylines that are so satisfying.

    Rani and Dr. Singh looking closely at each other while at a party with several people in the background

    5. Unlikely heroes.

    Members of the animal army looking ready for battle, dressed in bulky outfits with animal headdresses, holding weapons, with Bear in the center.

    6. Adorable animal children.

    A nurse with a Jamie P nametag holding a hybrid baby that has a stripe down to a doglike nose with light whiskers, who also has long, furry ears

    7. James Brolin's narration.

    Gus wearing a big sweater and jeans sitting under a tree holding a box

    8. Will Forte as a dramatic lead.

    Pubba wearing a big, plaid shirt, holding onto Gus, wearing a plaid shirt and vest, in a darkened place with rays of sunlight beaming in

    9. Christian Convery.

    Gus wearing plaid shirt and puffy vest and a backpack, standing in the middle of the woods alone

    10. A powerhouse cast you want to see more of.

    Jepp and Bear in the darkened interior of a train, looking unpleasantly surprised

    11. It explores what family really means.

    12. Villains you love to hate.

    13. Rooting for the underdog.

    14. The animal animation is amazing.

    15. Beautiful cinematography.

    Grassy plain with mountains in the background with a group of running giraffes and a group of elephants

    16. The show's friendships are realistic.

    17. Family friendly.

    A nurse holding a hybrid baby in a maternity ward full of hybrid babies, one looks to be part monkey, another part bird, all with fur or coloring that isn't human

    18. Perfect episode count for a binge-watch.

    19. You'll be waiting on the edge of your seat for more.

    And there we have it! Sweet Tooth is a truly special show. If you're still not convinced, just give it 10 minutes and see what happens...

    Are you already a Sweet Tooth fanatic? Let us know in the comments!