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    25 Common Phrases People Use That Are Actually Extremely Annoying

    "In these uncertain times."

    Some sayings start out sweet, but hearing them over and over turns them into ear pollution.

    Owen from "Animal Crackers" saying, "It's in my ear"
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    This week, redditor u/are_we_human_ posed the question: "Which word or phrase makes you want to tear your hair out every time you hear it?" And the people were loud and clear.

    1. "Let's circle back/Let's touch base."

    BBC / Via

    "Or any other corporate-isms, really." u/HaGao_SiuMai

    2. "Money can't buy happiness."

    NBC / Via

    "I know that it can't but if I could afford to pay my bills, I would be happier."


    3. "Sorry, not sorry."

    NBC / Via

    4. "I tell it like it is."

    NBC / Via

    "No you don't. You just give an opinion, usually louder and without an ability to consider any other side to a point." u/Fats33

    5. "Life isn't fair."

    Beastie Boys / Via

    "It can be used in ways that are OK, but too often it's someone (usually an adult addressing a child) using it as an excuse to justify their own bad actions."


    6. "In these trying/uncertain times."

    CBS/Hulu / Via

    "I feel like every commercial says that now." u/Jellybeanpdx

    7. "Anything paired with the word 'hack.'"

    TruTV / Via

    "Life hacks, kitchen hacks, body hacks, etc. Shut up already." u/nakizo

    8. "It doesn't matter who started it."

    Netflix / Via

    "Of course it fucking matters who started it. One time I was getting bullied and the bully punched me, so I said some stuff back and he beat me up more. The principal found out and when I was explaining my side they said the same old BS, 'It doesn't matter who started it,' then we both got expelled. To this day I still remember this." u/Tacke-wacke

    9. "Underage woman."

    Padma Lakshmi / Via

    "That's called a child, sir." u/DelsMagicFishies

    10. "Blessed."

    Warner Bros / Via

    "Any variation of someone saying they're 'blessed.' It makes my skin crawl."


    11. "When someone is called 'antisocial.'"

    Fox / Via

    "What they mean is asocial, which means they do not like to socialize with others. Antisocial is for people with disorders." u/whoa_jammy

    12. "I'm allowed to feel how I want to feel."

    Adult Swim / Via

    "Yes, but you can't use this as an excuse to be as awful as you want to be and expect everyone will be OK with it." u/NoobMasterSixtyNINE

    13. "I'm just being honest."

    Big Machine / Via

    "No, you were being openly mean. Let's call it what it is." u/escherthecat

    14. "We're all a little autistic."

    Karen Civil / Via

    "No, Susan, just because you don't like touching velvet doesn't mean you're autistic." u/enno-neon

    15. "Grinds my gears."

    Mediamodifier / Via

    "...really grinds my gears." u/promisedjoy

    16. "'Haha, must be free then!' when there's no visible price tag."

    Adult Swim / Via

    "I'll chime in for all retail workers." u/farawyn86

    17. "Anything that has 'bae' in it."

    Pepsi / Via

    18. "No offense."

    CBC / Via

    "Knowing damn well it's about to be offensive." u/Silent-Bodybuilder44

    19. "I'm so OCD."

    Gary Sanchez Productions / Via

    "'I'm so OCD' when they're just organized. 'I'm bipolar' when they have mood swings. 'Traumatized' when they were just uncomfortable. I take mental health real seriously and that shit makes me furious." u/moonjefferson

    20. "Clap back."

    Women's History Month / Via

    "Uuughhhh, it makes my ears bleed. Just so overused." u/ZhangDOAE

    21. "I could care less."

    Nickelodeon / Via

    "I COULDN'T care less." u/FlyAmazing1

    22. "'Could of' or 'Should of' in place of 'Could've' or 'Should've.'"

    The opposite of hate / Via

    "These are abbreviations of 'could have' or 'should have' respectively."


    23. "Stop complaining. There are people who have it harder than you."

    NBC / Via


    (u/QueenMargaery_ astutely replied: "It’s like telling someone they’re not allowed to be happy because someone else has it better than them. Ridiculous.")

    24. "Yo yo yo, what's up y'all?! It's your boy — insert awful name. Smash that 'like' button and don't forget to subscribe."

    NBC / Via

    25. "'Cringe' makes me cringe"

    For me, "Live, laugh, love" can take a hike. Is there any motto or saying we missed that drives you up the wall? Leave it in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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