People Are Sharing How They Learned The Hard Way Never To Buy These Off-Brand Products Again

    "Cheap condoms have expensive consequences."

    We've all been there — juggling whether to save some coin by going off brand or sticking with the tried and true (and almost always pricier).

    Doing us a fine public service, redditor u/cherrystomperaf asked the question, "What’s one thing you’ll never buy an off-brand 'version' of again?"

    Making the wrong choice can mean something as simple as a bad taste in your mouth or can be downright dangerous! Check out these answers from folks who learned the hard way.

    1. "Contact lens solution."

    2. "Cat litter."

    White cat with headdress of roses

    3. "After 25-plus years in construction — tools."

    4. "Shoes. Especially running."

    Colorful running shoe with a shadow of someone posing coming from behind it on a purple background

    5. "Car tires."

    6. "Work boots."

    A pair of boots appearing to walk in the air above a table without being worn

    7. "Band-Aids."

    Smiling girl holding an adhesive bandage up to her upper arm

    8. "Scotch tape."

    Four different colored tapes unrolled against a plain background

    9. "Paint."

    10. "Vacuum cleaners."

    11. "Bras."

    A woman kneels on a bed with several bras on it

    12. "Plastic wrap."

    A woman, covered in plastic wrap, stands with her mouth open

    13. "Dish soap."

    14. "Toilet paper."

    15. "Flea medication."

    16. "Crayons/colored pencils."

    Child making a picture of a rainbow with crayons scattered around

    17. "Menstrual pads."

    18. "Oreo cookies."

    Open sleeve of generic sandwich cookies on a pink background

    19. "Headphones."

    Generic pastel-colored large headphone

    20. "A mattress."

    Joyful girl lounging in bed under covers and on pillows

    21. "Cream cheese."

    Opened block of cream cheese on a gray background

    22. "Sleeping pills."

    Different-colored capsules and tablets

    23. "Pop-Tarts."

    24. "Condoms."

    25. "Video game controllers."

    Have you bought a generic version and lived to rue the day? Or have you found some store-brand treasures? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: r/AskReddit!