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    "Modern Love" Season 2 Is Now Streaming, And The Cast Is Sharing Their Best Love Advice

    Kit Harington, Minnie Driver, and more drop truths.

    Amazon dropped all eight episodes of Modern Love's second season last week, and if you binged them all in a couple days, you're not alone.

    To celebrate the release, the stars of the new season sounded off about the show and what love means to them, so...let's hear it!

    🚨 Warning: Mild spoilers for Modern Love Season 2 ahead! 🚨

    Kit Harington

    A girl and a guy elbow bumping

    He started filming when Rose found out she was expecting, and knowing he had a baby on the way, he shared, "It just really appealed to my romantic side. [So] I went off and did a sappy rom-com — but it's intelligent as well."

    Rose Leslie in beaded gown with Kit Harington in 3-piece suit at Golden Globe Awards

    Kit felt sweet "doing something like [Modern Love], where it's two people meeting for the first time and you can transport yourself to what butterflies felt like."

    A girl and guy facing each other with a table between them on a train

    Although Kit says he differs from his character, Michael, in his approach to love.

    Zoe Chao

    A girl and guy laughing at a table in a diner at night

    Re: Relationships, she said, "Any time you try to merge or live your life with someone else, it is hard."

    Gbenga Akinnagbe

    Like when he was working his tail off in To Kill a Mockinbird on Broadway and could only date after getting home late at night. "That’s when our dates would start. And to a lot of people…that is strange...its opposite [of] their sleep patterns and jobs."

    Minnie Driver

    Minnie Driver getting into a vintage convertible with top down

    Before jumping into a partnership, she said, "[You have to] explore yourself and become incredibly self-aware about who you are as a person: your ugly bits, your beautiful bits, all of you."

    She continued dropping wisdom, relating that no one person is able to give you 100% of what you're looking for.

    Sophie Okonedo

    A woman sitting up in a hospital bed smiling at a man perched on the edge

    Sophie shares that in life and love, despite bumps and bruises on the way, "There’s always room for some laughter...I find [it] very touching that the human spirit always wants to try and find a way to smile and make things better.”

    Garrett Hedlund

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    Garrett has some pretty simple advice when it comes to love: "Just enjoy."

    Season 2 of Modern Love is streaming now on Amazon! Did you love it? Let us know in the comments!