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    If You're Not Watching "Mare Of Easttown" Yet, These 18 Reasons Will Get You On Board

    Evan Peters puttin' moves on Kate Winslet? Yes, please.

    If you've ignored the hype and haven't tuned in to HBO's Mare of Easttown yet, well, you're 100% missing out.

    Colin and Mare walking together

    Pairing up Kate Winslet and Evan Peters, two phenomenal performers from pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum, is enough on its own. But plopping them into a show with major drama, intrigue, and realness? That is some capital TV, y'all. Here are a few reasons your eyeballs should be on this every Sunday.

    1. Kate Winslet as a grizzled local cop.

    Mare in her office

    As Detective Mare Sheehan, fabulous Kate channels Marge Gunderson–from–Fargo vibes, but with a lot more skeletons in her closet.

    2. Evan Peters. Just. Evan Peters.


    He plays a sweetheart detective named Colin Zabel who may not have much experience but has the heart to make up for it. (He also plays an aces drunk.)

    3. Kate Winslet and Evan Peters together.

    Mare and Colin doing intel in a field

    These are two actors I didn't know I needed to see share a screen, and it just makes everything feel right and good in the world. Plus, Colin seems like he's got a bit of a thing for ol' Mare, and I'm here for it. If they touch each other, my heart might explode.

    4. Everyone's Pennsylvania accents.

    Philadelphia street
    Kolderal / Getty Images

    The show takes place in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philly. For those in the know, the mid-Atlantic inflection is its own special thing ("wooder" for "water," etc.). It's not an accent that typically gets love in big-time film and TV, so it's refreshing to hear!

    5. Murder mystery!

    Detectives by a lake

    It has all the makings of your favorite episode of Forensic Files for a whole season, with the production values of HBO.

    6. Angourie Rice.

    Smallzy / Via

    You may know this talented Aussie — who is already being touted as the series' breakout star — from Spider-Man flicks and Black Mirror. She plays Mare's kind, yet badass daughter, Siobhan.

    7. Young lesbian love.

    HBO / Via

    Siobhan and Haverford College student/DJ Anne Harris (played by Kiah McKirnan) is a Fling to Watch as the season progresses.

    8. Intrigue with priests!

    Father Dan Hastings looking concerned

    You know when priests get involved, shit's about to be complicated.

    9. A flawed main character.

    Mare in the evidence room

    Although she's 100% into her work and solving the crimes, she's also kind of a raging asshole to her family and friends.

    10. Baby daddy (and mama) drama.

    MoPo Productions / Via

    Avoiding major spoilers, but situations with biological parents might not be what they seem. It's like your favorite Maury, but again, for a whole season with HBO production values.

    11. No sugarcoating.

    Mare holding a bunch of letters

    The show tackles breakups, divorce, bitterness, shared custody, one-night stands, and more, not with glossy Hollywood fantasy but with the real down and dirty.

    12. The real-world setting.

    Mare and Colin visiting a local parish

    They keep it real not only with the accents (and subject matter) but also with the shoot location. No soundstages here! Easttown does it legit in the streets of Pennsylvania.

    13. Jean Smart.

    Mare's mom, Helen

    This lady is a treasure. Whether she's costarring in Garden State or Watchmen or voicing the Depression Kitty on Big Mouth, Ms. Smart is an A+ addition, and her bicker-heavy tough love with Mare is no exception.

    14. Mannequin Pussy.

    Three members of the band Mannequin Pussy performing onstage
    David A. Smith / Getty Images

    Siobhan is in a band, of course, and staying true to the show's Pennsylvania roots, her band's music is covers of local Philly band Mannequin Pussy (Angourie really sings!).

    15. Plot twists like cray.

    FXX / Via

    Just when you think you're putting clues together and figuring stuff out, the journey takes a screeching turn and you've gotta totally reconfigure your "Charlie board."

    16. Real talk around grief and denial.

    Mare looking distraught under an umbrella

    Human coping mechanisms aren't always sunshine and daises, and Mare of Easttown doesn't forget it.

    17. Real talk around blended families.

    HBO / Via

    The more people (and egos) are involved in crafting the perfect family unit, the more complicated it becomes, which Mare dives right into.

    18. "All truths come to light."

    HBO / Via

    This is the tagline of the show, and some of the truths revealed are simply reflections on the struggle-filled human condition. At times the thoughts and turns of phrase are so poignant, you might have to grab a tissue.

    And there we have it! If this doesn't have you convinced that Mare of Easttown is worth a peek, I can't help you. Did you see the part about Evan Peters?

    Colin smiling at Mare

    Tune in Sundays on HBO Max for fresh eps. If you love the show, give it a shout in the comments!

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