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    The Season Finale Of HBO's "The White Lotus" Had Me Totally Shaken Up, And I'm Not Alone

    Can someone hold my hand?

    If you're one of the many who were totally entranced by HBO's The White Lotus this season, you know the show doesn't steer away from strangeness.

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    And last night's finale? Well, things got downright shocking — for many, many reasons.

    Fans as a whole are pretty shaken up. The episode didn't please everyone, but most of us are still processing what the hell happened through a mix of tears and awe.

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    Check out the finale's effect on the Twitterverse. 

    🚨Warning: Serious spoilers for "The White Lotus" ahead! 🚨


    That #TheWhiteLotus finale… everything and at the same time, nothing at all. I’m-

    Twitter: @thereidfeed


    Me after watching the last episode of #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @sirlucasg


    My fall plans The Delta variant #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @SuperVOGirl / HBO


    the guest at the white lotus coming in, destroying the native land, destroying the staff’s lives, killing someone and then heading home in first class a week later #thewhitelotus

    Twitter: @toekneepraysick


    she is the best of The White Lotus #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @vllanellxdnerys / HBO


    “That chaise is taken but you’re a very pretty man” is truly the greatest rejection I’ve ever seen. #WhiteLotus #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @katieroo_25


    Twitter: @IMSahilBhalla


    Omg this man did not just……HBO did not just show him….chileeee #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    Twitter: @ogalotrebor


    Also, Chekov's fucking knife #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @Jemappelleamie


    Justice for Kai 😩 #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @JESammons


    I hope everyone learned an important lesson from Belinda in #TheWhiteLotus and that is that you can’t trust anyone

    Twitter: @switchblade04


    Twitter: @lizardmess


    "You want my advice? I'm all out." #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @lacycool_


    Justice for Lani! She deserved more than just a glimpse. #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @IMSahilBhalla / HBO


    I realize the dead-body mystery wasn’t central to #TheWhiteLotus, nor its most-interesting part, yet this was me during the entire finale.

    Twitter: @realityblurred


    Uhhh I got nothing from that 😅 #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @WWSkyDD


    what the fuck did i just watch #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @Brettiboo1


    I truthfully do not understand what the purpose of this show was #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @Bamboo_Bangaa


    damn it I really thought my fav characters were gonna have a happy ending but like none of them did wtf I played myself #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @swimksull


    I understand you want these people to face consequences, or experience a cathartic moment that’ll make you go, “YES!!” - but the show doesn’t want to “redeem” these characters by giving them a suddenly developed conscience, or by punishing them. It’s how it is 🤷🏻‍♀️ #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @shannsational


    honestly, good for quinn. 😌#TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @veevalkyriee


    My baby Quinn finally putting himself first #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @Gabby66879


    Watching #TheWhiteLotus was thrilling and filled me with dread. Terrible rich people who have everything making terrible decisions while blind to the suffering of everyone around them. But it's over. Phew! Now I can relax and continue to live in Los Angeles, where.... oh my God.

    Twitter: @BenjaminJS


    Twitter: @BryanNunez

    I... think...? I'll miss the show? It's not the easiest thing to watch, but it's a fascinating (and often heartbreaking) study on the types of characters that inhabit this world.

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    What are your feelings on The White Lotus? Let us know in the comments!