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    People Are Sharing Facts That Constantly Blow Their Minds

    "Wombats poop in cubes."

    If you take a moment to look around, you'll notice we live in a wonderful β€” and sometimes downright wacky β€” universe.

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    This week, redditor u/DiligentCredit4 polled the crowd: "What fact amazes you every time you think of it?" And the sometimes weird, sometimes astonishing facts came rolling in.

    1. "Wombats poop in cubes."

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    "That the Wombat actually has cube poop. But it's not because the rectum squished it this way, their entire process makes it into a cube internally. It's so compact the rectum couldn't do shit to it." β€”u/wegoh96865

    2. "Any fraction can be reversed."

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    "Take 16% of 50. Switch it to 50% of 16, it's much easier to do the latter."Β β€”u/BossLettuce-

    3. "It would take 19,098 years to reach the nearest star."

    BBC / Via

    "The nearest star is 4.37 light years away.

    IF we had a spaceship that could travel as fast as any man made object ever had β€” the Parker Solar Probe went 153,454 miles per hour β€” it would take 19,098 years to reach it.

    Unless we discover near or faster than light speed travel, then we're never going to another star."Β β€”u/Chimie45

    4. "Gorillas can learn sign language."

    San Diego Zoo / Via

    "Like, you could literally talk to a gorilla."β€”u/reesecup931

    5. "Dr. Seuss created the word 'nerd.'"

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    "I have no idea why that amazes me, it just does."Β β€”u/JeffTalksAlot

    6. "Rabbits have the ability to scream."

    Aardman Animations / Via

    7. "How much work is put into every single object around us."

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    "Look at a building. From the mind of the architect that designed it, the contractor in charge of building it, the construction worker who put his sweat and hard work into those walls.

    An apple you might have for a snack goes through many people like the farmer, to the distributer, to the grocer that stocked it on the shelf.

    Pretty much everything around us had so many people working on it, many that you don't even consider. That's pretty amazing to me."Β β€”u/-eDgAR-

    8. "Frogs can't vomit, they eject their whole stomach through their mouths."

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    "I find it amazing that frogs can't vomit and instead they eject their stomach out of their mouth and empty it with their hands." β€”u/sasherrrrz. (Note: Many frogs do this but not all of them!)

    9. "People used to travel across the globe with only a compass and stars."

    dualvoidanima / Via

    "During the Age of Discovery people managed to travel across the globe only with a compass and stars. Right now it is an achievement to find a store without GPS. People back then were really awesome." β€”u/FasEstAbHosteDoceri

    10. "Brad Pitt and Obama are cousins."

    GIPHY News / Via

    "Ninth cousins but still." β€”u/ninjanut818

    11. "There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way."

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople / Via

    12. "There are over 7,000 living languages on Earth right now."

    Wikipedia / Via

    "And around 2,000 have no writing system (i.e. they are only spoken)." β€”u/Am-Linguist

    (Note: Some estimates put about half the living languages as non-written!)

    13. "The difference between a million, billion, and trillion is impossible to grasp."

    Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski / Via

    "It's literally impossible to grasp without translating it to something we can more easily understand, like time.

    1 million seconds is roughly 11 and a half days. That's a lot of seconds.

    1 billion seconds is almost 32 YEARS. Imagine the time difference between 11 days and 32 years! Most of you probably aren't even 32 years old, imagine counting every single second since your birth without pause and still not being at 1 billion.

    1 trillion seconds is 31,709 years. Almost 32 thousand years. Imagine the entire existence of human civilization, and that's only a tenth of a trillion seconds. 10k years ago humans were still rutting around in caves using crude stone tools, and that's STILL ONLY A THIRD OF THE WAY. Not even halfway through to a single trillion." β€”u/Lamprophonia

    14. "The Golden Record."

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    "It just kinda fills me with hope that a record of humanity has been shot into space. That's us." β€”u/Church-of-Nephalus

    PerΒ NASA: The Golden Record is "a phonograph record; a 12-inch gold-plated copper disk containing sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth" placed aboard Voyager 1 and 2.

    15. "Some sharks have been around since the 1700s."

    Shark Week / Via

    "They were swimming against our still wooden, wind powered ships as the euros set out to discover/conquer the world. As technology advanced, they'd have seen as those ships began to chemically power themselves, become strange steel structures that could almost match their own speeds." β€”u/Zeruvi

    16. "The average human adult has over 100,000 miles of blood vessels."

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    "That's enough to get almost halfway to the moon." β€”u/Samoncula

    17. "Less than 1% of original forest in the US remains untouched."

    Vice World of Sports / Via

    "At one point in time virtually every forest in the US has been clear cut. Less than 1% of the original old growth remains untouched. That's absolutely astonishing to me. That's half a continent of forest, gone." β€”u/its_Asteraceae_dummy

    Note: Some estimates put this closer to 4-7%.

    18. "Thomas Jefferson was alive when Harriet Tubman was born, and Ronald Reagan was alive when she died."

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    19. "58 billion land animals die a year for humans."

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    (Note: Some estimates put this closer to 70 billion)

    20. "Every single one of my direct ancestors was a success."

    CBS / Via

    "They all survived childhood, reached sexual maturity, reproduced, and raised their own offspring to sexual maturity, mostly in much more difficult and dangerous times than I have to face. I come from a long and unbroken line of successful adults. So do you."Β β€”u/LowCalPal

    21. "Betty White is older than sliced bread."

    NBC / Via

    22. "My lineage extends back to the very start of life on Earth."

    Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey / Via

    β€”u/fairlycheapthrills (True for all of us!)

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Is there something you know that knocks your socks off every time? Leave it in the comments!

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length/clarity. (Also, let us know if you spot any mistakes!)