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    Christopher Meloni Learned What A Zaddy Is (And That He Is One Himself)

    "I'm clever with my ass cheeks!"

    Chris Meloni, the keeper of everyone's favorite booty, has been making serious waves across the internet with his revealing cover story in the latest Men's Health magazine.

    Among the "no bullshit" banter peppered throughout the interview, Christopher discovers the true meaning of "zaddy" and humbly accepts the title.

    Chris Meloni outside in a cutoff sweatshirt and pants pointing at the camera, script in hand

    And Christopher is all about embracing his age: Like a fine wine, he's better (and more celebrated) than ever these days.

    In the interview, Christopher also gets into why he left Law & Order: Special Victims Unit *dun DUN* in the first place (apparently, contract disputes that NBC was unwilling to negotiate over).

    Meloni filming Law & Order Organized Crime in a three-piece suit, looking stern

    That demeanor is a lot harder than the one he entered the SVU realm with. He also says that when first booking the job, he would wake up with middle-of-the-night anxiety attacks.

    Meloni in suit sans coat with sleeves rolled up, leaning on a table in an interrogation room in front of a suspect

    He also revealed that he had a challenging childhood, largely due to his family's stringent adherence to the Catholic faith.

    Yet despite the bumps and bruises of his past, things are relatively rosy these days. Season 1 of Law & Order: Organized Crime was the 12th-most-watched show in the US and the fifth-most-watched scripted series, and it has been renewed for Season 2 (now filming!).

    Luckily for all of us, it seems that Chris is in an extended "flow state." As the interviewer puts it, he seems to be "hit[ting] all the green lights" at the moment.

    Chest-up portrait of Meloni at a step-and-repeat wearing a button-down and suit jacket with a jaunty beret-style cap, with a subtle half smile

    If I can put my two cents in here, I'd say, "A hell of a lot."

    Check out the full interview (+ many sweet flexin' Meloni pics) in Men's Health here!

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