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    Here Are 16 Stories About The Worst Neighbors Ever, And Now I Want To Send Mine Thank You Notes

    "Took months to get him evicted."

    Unless you live in the country, chances are you have to deal with a neighbor or two.

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    The majority of the time, interactions tend to be, well, neighborly! But when they aren't, oh, things can go sour quick.

    So redditor u/DistributionOk9809 asked the web: "What is your worst experience with bad neighbors?"

    And the horror stories came pouring in.

    1. "We had some neighbors that used to leave their garbage out in plastic bags the night before garbage day — instead of putting it in a bin. Around here, that's just ringing the dinner bell for raccoons and other critters. Sure enough, come morning there's garbage strewn all over the neighborhood. What the raccoons and skunks didn't spread around, the wind picked up the slack. Some of the people on the street kindly approached the guy and asked him to put his garbage in a bin. He told them to go fuck themselves."

    A lawn strewn with garbage
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    "Thus began the Garbage Wars.

    Every morning of garbage day, some people on my street would collect all the half-eaten and rotten trash from their lawns and toss it back into the dude's backyard. He would collect it, then dump it back on their lawns. Or cram it into their bushes. People started finding half-eaten burritos and candy wrappers in their mailboxes. 

    The street started to look like a slum. Police were called. Health inspectors. City by-law enforcement. Each side was calling in whatever authority they could muster to get their enemy in shit.

    The dude and his family (amazingly his wife seemed perfectly pleasant) lasted about eight months, then moved.

    Every once in a while, I find a random margarine lid or piece of styrofoam in my hedge, and my mind goes back to those dark days of war."


    2. "Apartment building — the upstairs neighbor's dog peed on their patio, and it dripped down onto me while I was sitting outside reading. I yelled and ran to shower, and when I texted them to ask them to take their dog out to pee in future, they said it wasn’t their dog, and it must have blown over from somewhere else. What?"


    3. "Lived in a small apartment, and my neighbors always cranked up their music to 11. Like loud, loud. And until something like 7 a.m. Maybe later, but that's when I would leave for work. It was so loud that I couldn't hear my own TV over it."

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    "My neighbors and I would bang on the door, but they would never open it. It was like trying to sleep at a festival.

    Then at some point I found out they often left for a bar across the street but would just leave the music on, so I would pull the breaker for their apartment, but they would just come back at 5 a.m. and turn it back on.

    It was reported by heaps of people, but nothing was ever done, so at some point I would jam their lock when they went out so their keys wouldn't work anymore and they had to get the property manager in while the music was blasting inside.

    After a couple of times of that happening, they were evicted.

    Maybe I'm the bad neighbor in this story..."


    4. "When I was younger, our front neighbors stole our dog from our backyard one day, and we didn’t find out it was them until a few months later, when we saw our dog in their yard."

    A chocolate lab in a field of flowers, open field and tree behind it
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    "They denied they stole it and wouldn’t give it back to us until we got the police involved."


    5. "The lady who lived below us had a son in college who came home for the summer. During that summer, he found a cat and brought it home. His mom said no cats inside, so he would feed the kitten outside. She was pretty wild. He left for school again in the fall, and we noticed that the cat was getting very thin. We started feeding her outside in her usual spot. Around Christmas, we bought a bag of cat food, and I made a plate of cookies and left them both at our neighbor's front door. The next day they were both back on our porch. Rude. Whatever."

    "We continued to feed the cat because she obviously wasn't feeding her. A few weeks later, the cat came to our door crying. She was trying to come inside. Super weird considering she was pretty wild and we had never let her inside before. I let her in and noticed she was pregnant and for sure about to have babies. I made her a little corner, and she had babies the next day. We let her stay in the house with us, but we knew we couldn't keep her. I went downstairs to talk to our neighbor. She said that her son's cat was a boy, so the cat we had obviously wasn't his.

    I posted on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in fostering a cat and her kittens because we couldn't keep her (we were moving within a week and couldn't have pets). Her son saw my post on Facebook and got SUPER mad at his mom. She then called the cops and said that I stole her cat and lied to her when she confronted me about having the cat in my possession.

    It was the stupidest, most frustrating thing that had ever happened to me as far as neighbors go."


    6. "I have a few from the same neighbor who I'll call Linda. Linda would often have men she locked outside the apartment building screaming her name. But the best story regards a boyfriend who Linda had insisted my roommate and I call, 'The Captain.'"

    An older an in a pilot uniform
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    "About a week after meeting him, we came home to a wedding announcement for Linda and The Captain. Yes, his name was The Captain on the announcement. Exactly one week later still, The Captain was arrested outside our apartment building for public intoxication at 2 a.m. while screaming, 'I've made a huge mistake. Fuck you, Linda! A huge mistake! I'm ruined!'"


    7. "When my wife and I moved into our house in the summer of 2019, the neighbors on either side of us warned us about the people renting the house directly behind ours. Apparently they had been known to cause trouble and blow things way out of proportion, bordering on paranoia of everyone around them."

    Front view of a man standing behind a row of hedges, a larger one behind him, looking through binoculars
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    "We kept it in mind but had no issues for the first six months or so after moving in. Their house sits on a hill behind ours and so overlooks the majority of our backyard due to the elevation change.

    Well, one night (morning, technically) at about 3 a.m., we wake up to Ring notifications from our phones showing video from our front doorbell — there’s a man standing barefoot in a sleeveless shirt on our porch, POUNDING on our front door.

    We give it 2–3 minutes just watching him on the app, thinking maybe he’s drunk and has the wrong house…essentially giving him the benefit of the doubt. But then we start to hear him say, 'Come out you, fucking pussy. I’m gonna fuck you up,' etc., and he leaves the porch and starts to head around the side of the house toward our backyard.

    Considering we had NO idea who this was, my wife now immediately calls the police as I move out of our bedroom toward the external doors to look/listen for any attempt of home invasion. At this point our neighbors directly behind us throw a HUGE spotlight into our backyard from theirs... We’re thinking, 'OK, cool, they know something is up, and they’re trying to help us out by shedding light on our backyard.'

    The cops arrive several long minutes later and knock, we explain the situation, and they head out back to look around and get the scoop from the neighbors with the spotlight. It turns out that the spotlight neighbor was the one on our porch; he had jumped our fence into our backyard and up into his yard and then threw the light on.

    He told the police that several nights prior, I had let my puppy out into MY OWN backyard in the middle of the night and because I was in my boxers, that I was 'trying to expose myself to his family' because they could look down on our entire yard from where theirs sits.

    He then followed this up to the police with 'evidence,' which consisted of videos he had taken THROUGH OUR WINDOWS of my wife and I inside of our own home doing totally normal things like chores, watching TV, etc. Nothing inappropriate or scandalous (not that it would have mattered anyway — we were in our OWN HOME). Because of the elevation difference, if they went out of their way, they could technically slightly see through our closed blinds due to the angle…so they had been filming us for no reason at all and expected the police to see this as reasonable?

    The cops came back in, and my wife was devastated — a huge breach of our privacy, of course, and totally unfounded accusations as we had never done anything to anger these people; we hadn’t even met them. The police told us, 'Just don’t worry about it — if he tries something again just give us a call,' which wasn’t the most comforting at the time.

    They moved out a few months later without any additional issues. My wife and I celebrated like it was a holiday when we saw the moving van in their driveway."


    8. "I used to live in a house that was split into two apartments. My neighbors had the lower half, and I learned we had issues with the HVAC when their cigarette smoke came visibly pouring out our registers; stank up everything we owned. Then one of them stole my car."


    9. "I used to live in a horrible apartment with paper-thin walls. The people next door were a woman who looked like she was in her 70s and what I thought was her thirtysomething grandson. They would yell at each other all day, constantly blast their TV, and the smell of their cigarette smoke would waft through into my apartment and make the place absolutely reek."

    "The worst was at night when the two of them would have loud sex (which is how I figured out they weren't related). Every night for an hour: Creaking bed banging against my bedroom wall, and the old woman moaning like a stuck pig. Nightmarish. 

    I also think the guy kept track of my schedule and watched for me because whenever I came home or went out, even when I took out the garbage, he would be there outside his place, trying to chitchat with me while staring at my body and being completely gross. Lived there a year, but it felt like 10."


    10. "A kid would come put his face against the windows and make us play tag, but if we weren’t terrible at it he’d cry about it."

    A young boy on the floor crying
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    11. "When I started my first job post-college, I was thrilled to live by myself for the first time in my life. I had this beautiful one-bedroom apartment in a solid part of town. Everything was great until six months later, when new tenants moved in next to my unit. I had a package go missing (a phone case). Amazon had posted a photo of it at my door, so I thought that it was just a fluke. Then it happened again, and again, and again."

    "The office wouldn’t accept packages, so I had to get my items delivered to friends’ places instead. Overall wildly inconvenient, and the police didn’t care in the slightest when I reported it, so I just figured I’d deal with it.

    Fast-forward a few weeks, and I come home after being gone for less than an hour to see that my doorknob and front door were scraped up, and the knob was barely hanging on.

    Long story short, I had been parking in plain view of this guy’s window, so he was able to tell when I was home. I am 100% convinced he tried to break into my place, and that me coming home early interrupted him. I googled his name after I moved (I got it off a package at his door) and found that he was a convicted felon with charges that include grand theft auto, domestic assault, drug dealing, and an attempted break-in."


    12. "When I was growing up, my rear neighbor, Janet, and my mom were both going through rough divorces at the same time. My mom mostly kept to herself at first. Janet did not take that approach. At first it seemed frustrating but reasonable. We had dogs and a fenced-in yard in the suburbs. One day the dogs were left outside and barked too long. Janet filed a noise complaint."

    Three plastic lawn flamingos, one facing the camera has polka dotted sunglasses
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    "Then she started filing noise complaints any time she saw the dogs outside. Then my mom started keeping them inside more. Then Janet filed complaints when she could hear the dogs barking inside, or when she heard someone else’s dogs, or really just whenever she felt like it because this wasn’t about the noise, it was about Janet feeling a sense of control over something during an out-of-control divorce.

    Eventually, the cops must have told Janet she had to stop calling them, so she started calling animal control instead. The cops had (we presume) told her that she was at risk of a criminal charge for abusing police services, but animal control had no such protections. They had to come out when someone filed a 'loose animal' report.

    It got to the point where animal control knew what was happening, and would come to our door to make small talk with my mom just to file their report. They told her, though, that as long as the calls happened, they had to at least come out.

    Then my mom had a feather-brained idea.

    Whenever animal control showed up, my mom would buy a two-pack of lawn flamingos and put them in our yard. She was a teacher, so she got up early. When she did, she’d take the flamingos and make them stare at Janet’s front door. Then she’d get home earlier than Janet, and move them around just like normal decor.

    Whenever Janet made a call, my mom bought more flamingos. And whenever Janet made a call, the day after, a bigger and bigger flock of lawn flamingos stared her down as she left for work, but would be casually mingling when she got home.

    I can only imagine what she must have thought. One would have to think she questioned her sanity, both because of the movement and the incremental growth. But by the time it got to 12 or so lawn flamingos giving her the 100-yard glare, she made the connection.

    Janet never called animal control again after that."


    13. "Asshole neighbors from my building let a robber into a guy's apartment. He was home and almost killed the guy."


    14. "My neighbors create this toxic smoke out of their chimney; we suspect that they are making drugs"

    A factory chimney spewing smoke into a grey sky
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    15. "About two years after moving in, my mom bought a portable hose to water her outdoor plants and clean the balcony off. This is when shit hit the fan. Trina, our downstairs neighbor, lost it when my mom washed the patio for the first time — just water (no chemicals), just rinsing the dirt off. Trina promptly started screaming about killing my mom for doing this. She then complained to the condo association every single day for years. She started to burn small fires in a coffee can under our windows in an attempt to smoke us out. She once saw my bedroom window was left open and literally flooded my room with her hose. She would call the police on every single noise we ever made; it got to the point that if she called the police and they showed up and there wasn't an issue, she would be fined $50."

    A hose coiled up
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    "A couple years later, I become pregnant young (18), and my boyfriend moved in and we had a baby. She told my boyfriend that I had a revolving line of men, and I was unsure who the father was but chose him because he was nice (completely fabricated). She continued with her nonsense for years and years — she once was driving down the driveway while I was getting my then two kids into the car; she literally tried to hit my oldest son with her car. I had to physically pick him up and throw him out of the way. When the police came, she denied everything.

    She harassed my family for years to the point of the condo association having to have private meetings with her and my dad, of which nothing ever came. The condo association was just as fed up as we were.

    Three years ago, my mom died suddenly of CJD, and when she realized my mom was no longer around she laughed and told my dad and my kids that my mom deserved to die. She was an awful, awful woman."


    16. "I lived in a three-story apartment building on the middle floor. The bottom floor was basement apartments. It was a very quiet building, and a lot of people were older and lived there 10 years or more. Then this weird, creepy asshole moved in below us. He would play music loud all night, and I had to be up for work at 5 a.m. He wouldn't answer the door so we could ask him to turn it down. So I had to jump up and down until he heard it."

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    "He had pissed-off girls banging on his door screaming for hours, and he was home but wouldn't answer. She ran out and poured nail polish all over his car. 

    His apartment was in the basement, but he had a huge window that was right next to the stairs to get in. He never closed the curtains and you would see directly down into his living room where he had built a sex swing with bondage stuff hanging on it. Had to explain what it was to everyone that came over — even my mom.

    Then one day a cop knocked on the door; he was holding about 20 pairs of women's underwear and asked me to pick out mine. It was like three pairs, and the cop said to throw them away — the downstairs neighbor had been wearing them because he was stealing them out of the laundry room. I guess the upstairs neighbor was walking in the building and had seen her underwear hanging on the sex swing and called the cops. 

    So they arrested him for stealing our underwear; the landlord evicted him. When he got out of jail, he was so pissed he was getting evicted he went and bought a bunch of sand and covered the whole apartment in sand, then turned the air-conditioning all the way up and left it after he switched the electric back into the landlord's name. He was a nightmare neighbor."


    Do you have an awful neighbor tale to add to the pile? Let us know in the comments!

    Enjoy the full Reddit thread here, and check out r/AskReddit!

    (Note: Some answers have been edited for length/clarity.)

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