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11 Things Every Traveler Should Know When Traveling To A Foreign Country

The world is your playground. Every new adventure is a lesson to be learned.

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1. Don't think, just eat.

Try anything and everything! You may never get the opportunity to try certain delicacies again! Don't think about the repercussions of perhaps stomach pain and food poisoning, there's always medicine for that!

2. Don't drink tap water!

Water sanitation varies throughout countries. You never know what kind of minerals can be roaming around in foreign waters. Always best be safe than sorry and go for bottled/canned beverages where you know it has been filtered!

3. Public transportation is your best friend.

It somehow seems public transportation around the world is 100 times more developed than in the States (minus the east coast, of course). Subways, buses, trains, and taxis can probably take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go!

4. Taxi drivers are wise individuals.

Almost all cab drivers seem to have an extensive knowledge of their country. They're practically a personal tour guides for the 5 minutes you're sitting in their car!

5. No matter how luxurious a bathroom may be, there is no place like the toilet at home.

It doesn't matter how high-tech or clean a bathroom can be, nothing beats using your own toilets in the comfort of your own home!

6. Traveling and working cannot exist in the same time continuum.

There is no possible way to completely enjoy your vacation if your mind is elsewhere. Worrying about work will literally be the death of your vacation.

7. It's okay to spend more than you intended.

Once you return from abroad, you'll probably realize your wallet took a huge blow, and the realization of spending that much money will be devastating for a hot minute. But after the water works, you'll look back on your trip and remember that it was worth every penny. And now, instead of crying over the debt, you'll be crying because you wish you were still on vacation!

8. Limit the use of social media.

Updating your Twitter, Facebook status, sending Snapchats, and uploading Instagram pictures will obviously make all your friends jealous that they aren't where you are, but constantly being on the internet can make you miss some crucial views of your trip.

9. Jetlag can ruin everything!

You may end up falling asleep on the subway missing your stop or fall asleep during a tour when the guide is explaining the importance of your next destination. Avoid jetlag, check the time difference between where you live and your vacation spot and plan a flight accordingly.

(If you can't sleep on the plane, plan to arrive at night and sleep. If you sleep through the whole plane ride, plan to arrive in the morning to start your vacation right away!)

10. Be open minded about trying something new.

We all get apprehensive about trying something new like eating chicken feet or snorkeling with sharks, but just think about it this way, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do."

11. Live in the moment.

Things never happen the same way twice. Take a moment each day during your adventure and soak it all in.

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