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    • cassandrag4

      In Year 11 I was kicked out of home by my abusive mother. A wonderful family took me in and supported me, but I began to suffer from a heavy depression and anxiety. I began to fall asleep all the time, excuse myself from class to cry in the bathroom, and was afraid to ask for help. Even though I had always done well in school (it was my escape from home), I began to fail when it really mattered. Except it didn’t matter in the end. Yes, I failed my HSC, but I got into Uni through an alternative program. I now have a Bachelors, two Grad Certificates, and a Masters. I now work for a University. I’m only 25 too! If you want to get into Uni, there are other ways than Year 12 - online study, bridging courses, TAFE, or even apply as a mature student once you’ve figured your stuff out.

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