Worst Dance Team EVER

The scenario: a serious collegiate level dance competition in 2001 at KU. Each competitor team was supposed to take 5 minutes and tell a simple narrative through dance. Most teams were ballet, all female, and (semi)professional. Then... this team from a community college in Iowa takes the crowd on an 11 minute obviously under practiced, very amateur, high confidence, low talent mishmash of booty grind weirdness. The super muscley black dude had become famous that week for talking up how his team was going to destroy every one else and that his dance, that he choreographed, was the bomb. This is actually the only 'viral' video of my childhood, passed around on video for years before making it to Youtube. If you have any experience in knowing good dance or in musical theater, you probably know how terrible this is. The whole debate among my theater friends was whether they were just trolling the whole crowd, or actually thought they were super-badass and would win that regional. Hope you like it, @CassAnaya

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