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1-Minute History | Jun 10

Benjamin Franklin is a fucking wizard.Click the pictures to watch the Jun 10 Birthday Blog with @CassAnaya and @TylerAnaya.

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1922 Judy Garland – singer and super cute and beautiful Judy Garland is probably best known for playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

*Actress, singer, and junkie

* A Star is Born

* The Wizard of Oz

* Judgment at Nuremberg

*Judy Garland + Gene Kelly

*Mickey Rooney talks about Judy Garland

1752 Benjamin Franklin Flies a kite during a thunderstorm and collects an electric charge in a Leyden jar after it is struck by lightning, because Benjamin Franklin is a fucking wizard.

*Kite is hit during a thunderstorm by lighting

*Charge is collected in a Leyden jar.

*Demonstrated the electric nature of lightning

*Franklin coined the terms, “conductor”, “battery”, and “electrician”.

*Inventor of the Lightning Rod.


1935 Alcoholics Anonymous is founded by Dr. Robert Smith and Bill Wilson. It has helped thousand of people quit drinking over the years.

*Admit that one cannot control one's addiction

*Recognize a higher power

*Examining past errors

*Help of a sponsor

*Making amends

*New code of behavior

*Help others who suffer from the same addictions or compulsions

1886, one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Pink and White Terraces of New Zealand were destroyed. By that bitter bitch: Nature. Did you know that nature is the second highest killer, second only to god? Destroyed by a Volcano, come-on, be original, how Pompeiinian of you Pink and White Terraces.

*Otukapuarangi ("fountain of the clouded sky") in Māori

*Mostly destroyed by the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera,

*Alternate layers of volcanic fallout over a long period of time, combined with precipitation (from geysers) formed pools and steps over time.

*125 years after the eruption a team from Waikato University announced the rediscovery of the two bottom layers of the terrace under 60 meters of water (about 200 feet)

*******in “Louis CK Hilarious”, he compares Ray Charles dying to Hitler. It is awesome ( )*******

2004 One of the greatest musicians of all time, Ray Charles dies on this day. It is true that he is dead now, along with Hitler, but the legendary Soul and Country singer Ray Charles has probably killed far less jews.

*Rolling Stone ranks him #2 of the greatest 100 singers of all time.

*Blues, Soul, Gospel, and Country superstar

*Rare Master Mimic voice

*Georgia on My Mind

*What'd I Say

*Hit the Road Jack

*I Can't Stop Loving You

*Night Time is the Right Time

2007 And finally the last episode of Sopranos airs on HBO. It was a controversial ending because it was just cut off in the middle of a senten…*

*Season 6 Episode 21, entitled, “Made in America”

*Ends having set up several moments of resolution, without any resolution. Designed to “Mess with people’s minds.”

*Theory: they all die.

*Theory: the scene represents Tony’s paranoia.

*Theory: the whole episode was a dream.

*Theory: Tony is looking on the moment when he got whacked from the afterlife.

*Theory: it is Tony’s last supper.

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