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11 Ways We Spend Our Hard-Earned Cash That Make No Sense

Fifteen-dollar delivery minimum is nothing, right?

1. Signing up for a free trial but being too lazy to cancel when they start to charge.


*sees canceling requires speaking to an actual human* Eh, it's only $10.

2. Making $20 stretch at the beginning of the month but immediately blowing through your second paycheck.


Ugh, so broke.

3. Wasting money on ATM fees instead of cashing in on credit card reward points.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Even if the purchase is only $1, you might as well get those sweet rewards.

4. Planning a week of meals to save money but ordering takeout because you're too lazy to get out of bed.


*sees $15 delivery minimum* That's not so bad.

5. Splurging on the latest smartphone you don't need but still somehow "too broke to hang out."


Tbh you can stream TV from your new phone and catch up with your "friends" all day.

6. Offering to pay for everyone's dinner for the points but then collecting interest from the large balance.

NBC / Via

Hey, ummm...think you could send that money for dinner?

7. Using only a third of the groceries you bought.

10 by 10 Entertainment / Via

To be fair, making sweet potato fries sounded totally awesome at the time.

8. Buying the cheapest thing on the menu but also getting a $14 cocktail.

Universal Pictures / Via

But tbh, $12 for a salad is still a bit ridic.

9. Justifying upgrading to a better apartment but keeping the same ratty furniture.


There are ways to get better furniture. Your butt deserves better. YOU deserve better.

10. Not paying extra for guac but spending $4 to get your own money out of an ATM.


It's your money, and you want it now!

11. Paying just as much on shipping as you did on the item.

FOX / Via

Do people even go to stores anymore?

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