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Abigail Breslin Thinks You Suck

Here's why.

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The Masterpiece

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Abigail Breslin is usually known for her acting in films such as Little Miss Sunshine and My Sister's Keeper. However it looks like she's found music as her new outlet and it's pretty amazing.

1. She supports space

At the 0:15 second mark, she eloquently explains how she wants a boy to fly to the moon to get away from girls. It could be a large example of how she wants to get away from this boy but I think it's her personal advertising to space research.

2. She'd rather date a rock

At the 2:20 mark Abigail explains she'd much rather date a rock. You can tell she clearly means this as 'rock' refuses to rhyme with anything prior to the rhymes she was making.

3. She leans against a wall for a good amount of time

It's a little awkward looking but it's only because she's so into daydreaming about destroying a man.

4. She's playing the same cord over and over on her guitar

Don't be so modest Abigail!

5. Her friends and herself literally kidnapped a guy and cut his hair, humiliate him, and put an egg in his mouth

Boys are so dumb!!

6. The song is apparently dedicated to Michael Clifford

It would make a lot of sense with lyrics such as "Your band mates are hotter than you", "Washing hair", or "bleached hair", etc. It's kind of sad that apparently things didn't work out, because Abigail could have filled the fifth spot in 5 Seconds of Summer

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