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Which ACE Member Are You?

Find your inner Amelia, Clio, or Eleanor.

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  1. You're at District Taco. What do you order?

    One or two tacos so that you'll still be hungry enough to eat all of the queso
    Steak quesadilla
    Something from the breakfast menu, even if it's 6pm
    Queso for squad because you somehow got roped into buying it every time
  2. You need money. How do you get it?

    Ask your mom
    Use your dad's credit card
    You're employed, so you have to use your own money
  3. SQUAD FROYO TIME! How do you eat your dessert?

    So slowly and your friends hate you
    You're done first, even though you had the largest
    Like a normal human being
  4. What is your stance on lululemon?

    lulu is love. lulu is life.
    why do i need to spend $100+ on leggings
    can i use your athlete discount?
  5. Do you believe in ghosts?

    Not really
    This is a dumb question and ghosts are scary
  6. What's your catchphrase?

    *screams something incomprehensible*
    you're so fucking stupid
  7. It's Friday night. What are you doing?

    At your Sasquatch club meeting
    Solo froyo
  8. What is Urs's opinion of you?

    She thinks you're funny
    She wishes you were her daughter
    She thinks you're the worst
  9. Squad is hanging out. What are you doing?

    On your phone
    Demanding that someone crack your back
    Laying on top of everyone
    Trying to make sure your friends don't do anything stupid
    Texting your spare squad
    Telling your friends how much you love them
  10. Pick an adjective to describe yourself.

  11. What type of slut are you?

    Tinder slut
    You're not a slut
    Slut from afar
  12. What's your friends' biggest complaint about you?

    You're too much of a puritan
    You're AWOL half the time
    You're slovenly
    You suck at responding to things
    You're too tall
    You're too quiet

Which ACE Member Are You?

You got: Clio!

You're a Lulu addict, human garbage disposal, and swamp monster. Essentially the scum of the Earth, you're the slowest eater known to man, scream when you drive, and have an eclectic (read: awful) taste in music. Nonetheless, your friends love you and would feel too respected without you.

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You got: Letty!

The resident cynic, you put everyone in their place. Everyone's mother loves you (and would prefer if you were their daughter). You have perfect bone structure, but deny it 100% of the time. You don't understand your BFFs' obsession with Lulu, but will gladly take any and all hand-me-downs. Shit-talking is your specialty and you're the queen of getting your way.

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You got: Amelia!

You're pretty terrible. You enjoy awful car dancing, eating brownie bites from SweetFrog without paying, and talking over everyone because you think you're better than them (which you probably are). You're still a little bitter that Clio has a car and you don't and are *pissed* that no one believes you can actually drive stick shift.

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