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These Tweets About Money Are So Real It Hurts

We all out here just trying to find that special someone to split rent with.

1. This open letter:

Imagine you are wealthy enough to actually care about the #StockMarket crashing. Hit me up when they’re coming after the $856.56 I keep in my savings account. Sincerely, - a millennial

2. This millennial reality:

You break it, you rent it - Millennial Stores

3. This feeling of false confidence:

Me: “Let’s just stay for one more drink. This round is on me.” My pockets, knowing I don’t have that kind of money:

4. The hottest sentence you'll ever read:

Millennial sext: "My college loans are minimal, I have a job with benefits, and my credit score is in the green."

5. This constant annoyance:

I always get hung up on silly things like making sure I have enough money for rent

6. This nature-inspired retirement:

as a millennial, my current retirement plan is to lie down in a mossy cave and let the mushrooms take me

7. This sad truth:

i hate it when professors laugh. what’s so funny? student debt?

8. This prioritization:

is it super millennial of me to have a travel savings account but not one for a house or a wedding? #priorities

9. This clever budgeting hack:

Sleeping all day so u don’t spend money on food: a millennial budgeting tip

10. This very accurate statement:

millennial love means finding someone to split rent with

11. This important question:

How do you ask for an advance on birthday money?

12. This modern tragedy:

“With great responsibility, comes no pay raise” - a millennial in the work place story, featuring upper management

13. This pipe dream:

One of these days I’m going to be rich enough to have an in-unit washer and dryer

14. This game-changing idea:

There should be a universal law that you don't have to pay any bills during your birthday month #impoor #sendhelp

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