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    People Are Sharing The Worst TV Show Finales And Sometimes The Truth Hurts

    Great show, awful ending.

    Everyone has opinions about their favorite TV shows...especially when a finale lets them down.

    So recently, the Ringer asked its Twitter followers, "What TV show beats Dexter for the worst ending ever?" and people had thoughts.

    On this day 13 years ago, ‘Dexter’ premiered on TV. After early seasons received massive acclaim, its series finale was universally panned, receiving an F grade by the AV Club. So… what TV show beats ‘Dexter’ for the worst ending ever?

    Here are some of the TV shows that people think had the worst finales:

    1. How I Met Your Mother

    The How I Met Your Mother finale was so bad it ruined what was otherwise a pretty great show, I still can't go back and rewatch

    2. Game of Thrones

    3. Lost

    4. Seinfeld

    @ringer The last episode of Seinfeld....

    5. Sons of Anarchy

    @ringer Sons of Anarchy. Just brutally bad.

    6. True Blood

    7. Veronica Mars

    @ringer Veronica Mars scarred me for life. I've never felt so betrayed by a TV show.

    8. The X-Files

    @ringer The X-Files ended with a clip show which reviewed the previous 7+ years in order to try to make it all make some sort of sense. They failed. Watching it was like watching some fan sites timeline in script form. #WorstFinalEpisodeEver

    9. Star Trek: Enterprise

    @ringer Star Trek: Enterprise, "These Are the Voyages." It won't ever 'win' these lists, because the show was not terribly popular, but it was not only bad by any measure--it was actively insulting to the cast and crew, and they were on the record as being visibly upset at the time.

    10. Little House on the Prairie

    @ringer Little House on the Prairie

    11. ALF

    @ringer ALF. A cliffhanger season finale with the feds closing in became the series finale when the show was canceled. Elementary school trauma for me. Ha!

    12. Young and Hungry

    @ringer so did anyone happen to forget how in young and hungry , josh proposed AND SIS NEVER SAID YES OR NO BC THEY LEFT US AT A CLIFF HANGER AND NEVER FINISHED IT ??

    13. Bloodline

    14. Angel

    15. And finally, The Sopranos...or maybe not:

    @ringer Sopranos had the worst ending ever. Also me: Sopranos had the best ending ever.